My Adaptation Of Sunny’s Beer-Batter Eggplant Fries. Yum!

Food and me are like peas in a pod, we go together very well and so when I saw the memorial day episode of The Kitchen on Food Network I knew I had to try it and a week after I did.

Sunny Anderson is one of my favourite Food Network chefs (I kinda love them all). I love Freitag, Artie, Guy, Alex Guarnaschelli… The list goes on, but I digress. 🙂
The recipe is quite straight forward and I realised you can make this batter to deep fry other things, like fish. Continue reading


New Pancake Recipe! Delicious Chocolate and Peanut Butter Pancakes

chocolate-pancakes-with-peanut-butterHello people, this is another pancake recipe with a twist.

If you haven’t been here before then you probably don’t know this, but I LOVE pancakes and I am constantly looking for new recipes like my Apple and Banana pancakes and like the one I am introducing today.

One day, my Pinterest stroll took me to this awesome pancake recipe by Darcy on her blog Darcy and Brian, Wait For It… It’s a Chocolate and Peanut Butter Pancake recipe. Whoop-Whoop!!!!

I tried it the first time without PB because I didn’t have any in the house, but the second time around it was quite delicious and get this, you don’t need any oil.


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Pancakes With A Twist! Meet My Pancakes With Caramelised Apples

pancakes and caramelised applesFor starters, to caramelize – in cooking – means to “cook with sugar so that it becomes coated with caramel.” This was my goal when I decided to try out this particular recipe.

I love pancakes – I think they are dope! – so I am constantly thinking up ways of making it better for my exquisite taste buds because no one likes boring right? Right!

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3 Things To Remember When Trying A New Recipe

Are you an amateur cook or baker? Do you see pictures of food and immediately visualize how you can duplicate it in your own kitchen?ingredients food

Well, I’m quite certain that in your quest to become a master chef you might have encountered some pitfalls; messy kitchens and less than perfect results. Don’t be shy, I have too. This is a little way of helping you avoid such accidents. Continue reading

How I Made Up With My Former Sweetheart

Back in 2011, I was passing a certain street and I set my eyes on… it was love at first sight. There was no way I would believe we weren’t meant to be to be together.

Shawarma and grills Jos

There it stood, beckoning to me in a tone only I could hear. When it was time, we finally met. Continue reading

The Recipe: Chicken Garam Masala

Chicken Garam Masala in plate .jpgAs promised this is the recipe of my first attempt at making the Indian delicacy, Chicken Garam Masala. Before I reel out the ingredients and method, understanding the dish is key.
Garam Masala, which means, ‘warming spice mix’, is the main spice blend used in North Indian cookery. There are many versions, often dictated by region, but most contain a selection of the following: cassia leaf, black pepper, cardamom, chilli, cinnamon, cloves, coriander, cumin, fennel, mace and nutmeg.
What I took from the above information is that a good curry is about having the right blend of spices; a balance of flavours.

Look up different recipes and find the one that works best for you. One with ingredients you can find easily.


1 kilo of Chicken (I left the skin on)
7 medium tomatoes (blended to a paste)
1/2 cup, or less, of Olive oil
2 tsp of whole coriander
I whole onion, chopped
7 cloves of garlic (ground)
1 medium ginger
1/2 tsp of white pepper powder
1 tbs of mixed spice (cinnamon, ginger, anise, nutmeg, dextrose and cloves)
2 tsp mixed pepper corns (ground)
A sprinkling of Sweet Basil
1tbs Curry
1 tsp Thyme
Coriander leaves (I didn’t get this)
Cashew nuts ( a handful)
Some water

2 tbs of chilli powder (for the marinade)
1 cup of Yoghurt
1 tbs salt
Set your chicken in a bowl and add the chilli powder, Yoghurt and salt to it. Rub the ingredients in with your hand and leave it to marinade for about an hour.
Next, place a pot (preferably a non-stick one) on the fire. Add your tomato paste and oil (I used olive oil) and leave to cook until the oil starts to separate from the tomatoes. I blended my tomatoes with half of the onion.
Before the tomato is done, put into a grinder, all your dry ingredients (fresh and whole coriander, pepper corns, mixed spice, curry and Thyme) and the wet ones (ginger, garlic, cashew nuts) with some water and then grind it finely to a nice thick consistency.

Even if you add too much water it’s fine. It will reduce as your meat gets cooked

Just before the curry is cooked, taste to see if the salt is enough for you. Add if necessary and add the other half of the chopped onion and your sweet basil and there you have it, the Purpledivaa’s Chicken Garam Masala.

My Chicken Garam Masala

It’s cooking time. I love food and every now and then I like to try out new recipes.
One day, I visited a friend’s house and she made us chicken gravy with rice. It was delicious, but I’ve always thought putting cornflour/flour in the gravy was counter productive. Rice is enough carbs for me so I looked up Indian chicken curry and I got it in my head that I had to make it. That’s what I did.


My first attempt at Chicken Garam Masala

The idea of a masala is an assortment of spices. That’s the secret to a great chicken masala; having the right balance of spices.

I went to Shoprite to get mine, chicken garam masala is a very spicy food, and I got out of them. I didn’t get cinnamon sticks, but I found a mixed spice which had cinnamon in it. I didn’t get fresh coriander leaves either, but I got most of everything.
I present to you, my Chicken Garam Masala to be eaten with white rice. For a first attempt I’d say I did darn good, but too bad you aren’t here to taste it.

If you are interested in this, not to worry. The recipe post will come up soon.

Toodles! Gotta go eat my food.