Birthday Wish: Things I Love About My Sister, Yankat Paula Rindap

It’s my sister’s twenty-something-th birthday and it’s the first time she’s been far away from home. I am talking, over 3,000 miles away in a land I love (story for another day).

Most of the time, we tend to complain about the people we love rather than remind them what we love about them and I am no exception.

That’s why today, 25th October, 2017, I want to celebrate my only sister, Yankat Paula Vonjen Rindap on her birthday.

Yankat has always been my biggest advocate. Her confidence is over the roof and she is always willing to lend me some when my little reservoir runs low.

Growing up as young kids in grade school, she would always come to me whenever she felt cornered or bullied. The years went by and there was a role reversal; Yankat became ‘Defender of the Universe’. lol. She can take up your fight, any day, any time. She would literally fight your battles on your behalf and even start some too. 😀

Yankat is a great cook; this I don’t hide. I mean, I am a fabulous cook – at least cooking exotic dishes like Chicken Garam Masala and the likes – but Yankat is truly a fabulous cook. I mean, she has an odd palate (I am the one with a sophisticated food preference hehehe), but I will expose her some other day. 😈

Yankat is the model daughter. People think I and my brother are closer to Mama, but they don’t know Yankat is the favourite. She and my mum get so mushy sometimes, it triggers my gag reflex. #Yimu

Last on this list, but not least, Yankat is a darn good Architect. She is too precise for her own good and she always gives the best. Contact me if you require her services.

I could keep going, but I think you get the Idea. I am proud of my sister and all she’s achieved. I love you so much Yankat and I am blessed to have you as my sister (my sinuses are acting up…)

I decided to collate wishes from your friends and family just so you have a little idea of how much we all love you.


Photos From The 3rd FLOGA AGM/National Reunion, Abuja

The Federal Langtang Old Girls Association, FLOGA, had it’s 3rd National Reunion and AGM at the Grand Cubana Hotel, Abuja, over the weekend.

The event began with a walk for the girl child. I mean, we are girls so it makes sense right? Hehehe

Kate Pam, Jane Omife, Bunmi Bankole, Maryanne Ejete Floga Reunion #

The walk was to show support and garner awareness for victims of Domestic Violence and Child rape. To think that such acts of evil are still perpetrated is just tragic.

The topic for discourse was Self-Reflective Leadership and Continue reading

Unfair Expectations: A Major Cause Of Depressed/Wayward Youth

​Are You putting unfair expectations on your kids? You might be pushing them away when they need you most.

In life generally, there is an expected order of things. You are born, you grow up, go to school, get a job, get married then take care of your parents or take care of your family before getting married. In reality, life hardly ever plays out like that because as with drama, tragedy will always occur. It may come at the start, at the middle or at the end. One thing is sure, there will be hurdles you have to cross.

I’d like to believe we agree on that. If so, why then do we put unfair and unnecessary pressure on one another to be the perfect daughter/son, perfect wife/husband, perfect child or perfect worker as if life isn’t hard enough?

Let me tell you a story…  Continue reading

Celebrating Regina Ronku at 30 and 10 Years of Friendship

2017 makes it 10 years since I met the beautiful and sweet Regina Ronku who is celebrating her birthday today so I decided to make my birthday wish a trip down memory lane.

Now that I think about it, I don’t remember the first day we met, but I’m almost certain it was courtesy of the late Retyit Longse Continue reading

What I Learned From Being Called ‘Selfish’

Did you know that every human being’s default setting is at ‘selfish’? That’s why it’s a huge deal when you meet someone that people consider selfless.

As Makcit, I’ve never thought I was a selfless human, but I was very sure I wasn’t selfish either. At least, not until I spoke to this new guy I met recently, the boyfriend material guy from my last post. You can job your memory here.

Continue reading

Online Dating: The Good, The Bad, and the very Odd

It’s been a while and I do apologize for not keeping you updated. A lot has happened in the last couple of weeks which I shall tell at a later date, but today is dedicated to the distinct personalities I’ve encountered on my quest for a white mate in the online dating world.

The responses I get when I mention this quest of mine are divided between those for and those against who think I’m either a joker or operating in an alternate universe. Thing is, I don’t give a…. Fudge! 😁

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Following my first rejection I decided to actively search for what I want. I’d flirt with some, Continue reading

My Adaptation Of Sunny’s Beer-Batter Eggplant Fries. Yum!

Food and me are like peas in a pod, we go together very well and so when I saw the memorial day episode of The Kitchen on Food Network I knew I had to try it and a week after I did.

Sunny Anderson is one of my favourite Food Network chefs (I kinda love them all). I love Freitag, Artie, Guy, Alex Guarnaschelli… The list goes on, but I digress. 🙂
The recipe is quite straight forward and I realised you can make this batter to deep fry other things, like fish. Continue reading