3 Things To Remember When Trying A New Recipe

Are you an amateur cook or baker? Do you see pictures of food and immediately visualize how you can duplicate it in your own kitchen?ingredients food

Well, I’m quite certain that in your quest to become a master chef you might have encountered some pitfalls; messy kitchens and less than perfect results. Don’t be shy, I have too. This is a little way of helping you avoid such accidents.
1. Have a contingency plan; a backup recipe. There is no telling if the culinary fairies will be aiding you so in the event that they aren’t have a back up recipe just in case this one doesn’t work. No one wants to panic just when the in-laws are arriving for dinner.

2. Duplicate the ingredients. Yes, you read it right. There are times that in our haste we forget to buy an ingredient or even when we do, we don’t use it correctly thereby making it unusable. No need to panic. If you buy 6 eggs instead of three and 2 fall on the floor, you still have extra.

3. Use the right amounts. Quite a few people I know ever bother following recipes every step of the way. Granted, your end result may look like the one in the photo, but it may not necessarily taste like it. In order to be certain of the finished product, use the right measures and ingredients or at least, the next best thing to ensure a successful experience.

Note: When one ingredient is unavailable, a quick search of the internet will give you alternatives by taste, texture and look.


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