My Adaptation Of Sunny’s Beer-Batter Eggplant Fries. Yum!

Food and me are like peas in a pod, we go together very well and so when I saw the memorial day episode of The Kitchen on Food Network I knew I had to try it and a week after I did.

Sunny Anderson is one of my favourite Food Network chefs (I kinda love them all). I love Freitag, Artie, Guy, Alex Guarnaschelli… The list goes on, but I digress. 🙂
The recipe is quite straight forward and I realised you can make this batter to deep fry other things, like fish. Continue reading


New Pancake Recipe! Delicious Chocolate and Peanut Butter Pancakes

chocolate-pancakes-with-peanut-butterHello people, this is another pancake recipe with a twist.

If you haven’t been here before then you probably don’t know this, but I LOVE pancakes and I am constantly looking for new recipes like my Apple and Banana pancakes and like the one I am introducing today.

One day, my Pinterest stroll took me to this awesome pancake recipe by Darcy on her blog Darcy and Brian, Wait For It… It’s a Chocolate and Peanut Butter Pancake recipe. Whoop-Whoop!!!!

I tried it the first time without PB because I didn’t have any in the house, but the second time around it was quite delicious and get this, you don’t need any oil.


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Pancakes With A Twist! Meet My Pancakes With Caramelised Apples

pancakes and caramelised applesFor starters, to caramelize – in cooking – means to “cook with sugar so that it becomes coated with caramel.” This was my goal when I decided to try out this particular recipe.

I love pancakes – I think they are dope! – so I am constantly thinking up ways of making it better for my exquisite taste buds because no one likes boring right? Right!

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3 Things To Remember When Trying A New Recipe

Are you an amateur cook or baker? Do you see pictures of food and immediately visualize how you can duplicate it in your own kitchen?ingredients food

Well, I’m quite certain that in your quest to become a master chef you might have encountered some pitfalls; messy kitchens and less than perfect results. Don’t be shy, I have too. This is a little way of helping you avoid such accidents. Continue reading

How I Made Up With My Former Sweetheart

Back in 2011, I was passing a certain street and I set my eyes on… it was love at first sight. There was no way I would believe we weren’t meant to be to be together.

Shawarma and grills Jos

There it stood, beckoning to me in a tone only I could hear. When it was time, we finally met. Continue reading


“it’s the most wonderful time of the year…” You guessed It, it’s Christmas! I’m sure everyone is a fan of this holiday, but I have to say that I’m it’s number one fan. I as giddy as a toddler on sugar and besides the fact that we celebrate Christmas for the birth of the Messiah, Christmas represents a time of newness, hope and blessings to me.
Photo: Xperia Christmas Theme screenshot
Growing up, the advent of Christmas meant new clothes, new shoes, a fancy hairdo and great food -Just in case you aren’t aware, I’m a foodie so food always counts as something to be ecstatic about. 😀 Why these mundane things were so important to me was because for the other 11 months of the year, the possibility of having new clothes was highly unlikely so we looked forward to Christmas as much as the Jews looked forward to the Messiah’s arrival. Thankfully, life is much better, but that doesn’t mean I can’t get all excited about Christmas anymore and boy am I over the moon.
This year should be a little different though ’cause I’ll be cooking more than usual; trying out a few recipes I’ve collected over the course of the year. I’m looking forward to trying new things in general and being more giving is one of them. I mean, what’s Christmas without giving right?
As I look forward to the jolly season I know you do too. Why do you look forward to Christmas and what activities do you intend to do this year?

Detox-Diet Day 6

It is the sixth day and I’m very excited. First of all, I’m excited that after today, I’ve got one day to go. Secondly, and most importantly, I’m excited that I’ll be able to eat a little normal now. 🙂
Today is another all vegetable day. You MUST eat 1 cup of rice today and eat all the vegetables of your choice cooked or uncooked, to your heart’s content.
Today is almost like a normal day. Rice and vegetables are normal, but usually I would have had noodles. Maybe from now on I’d try to reduce my noodle intake.

That is what I had for breakfast and that is what I will be having for lunch and dinner, but with much less rice.
See you tomorrow 😀