My Chicken Garam Masala

It's cooking time. I love food and every now and then I like to try out new recipes. One day, I visited a friend's house and she made us chicken gravy with rice. It was delicious, but I've always thought putting cornflour/flour in the gravy was counter productive. Rice is enough carbs for me so … Continue reading My Chicken Garam Masala


Hurray! It’s The Last Day

I can officially begin to use a title I stole from Chinua Achebe's 'The Drum'... "I am tortoise (Makcit in this case) who doesn't leave a fight (task) halfway". It is a thing of pride for me that 7 days ago I started this detox-diet amidst major rebellion from my head and today I'm done. … Continue reading Hurray! It’s The Last Day

Detox-Diet Day 6

It is the sixth day and I'm very excited. First of all, I'm excited that after today, I've got one day to go. Secondly, and most importantly, I'm excited that I'll be able to eat a little normal now. πŸ™‚ DAY 6 Today is another all vegetable day. You MUST eat 1 cup of rice … Continue reading Detox-Diet Day 6

Detox-Diet Day 5

It is wonderful that it is the fifth day of my 7-day diet and I'm getting stronger as opposed to giving up. At this point, I know this is something I'd want to do again. Just goes to show that you will never know if you can do something unless you try. DAY 5 Today … Continue reading Detox-Diet Day 5

Detox-Diet Day 4

Most times we don't know the extent of our strength or the limit to our full potential. We just assume we can't do a certain thing, because fear makes us believe so, and we limit ourselves and stunt our growth. It is Day 4 and I feel much better than I did on day 1... … Continue reading Detox-Diet Day 4

Detox, Day 3

It is day three and I'm hungry. I can't blame anyone but myself anyway. I woke up and didn't get out of bed in time. I lounged in bed till my tummy started feeding on itself and if you ask me why, I honestly don't know. Today is Fruits and Vegetables day. My late breakfast … Continue reading Detox, Day 3