Online Dating: The Good, The Bad, and the very Odd

It’s been a while and I do apologize for not keeping you updated. A lot has happened in the last couple of weeks which I shall tell at a later date, but today is dedicated to the distinct personalities I’ve encountered on my quest for a white mate in the online dating world.

The responses I get when I mention this quest of mine are divided between those for and those against who think I’m either a joker or operating in an alternate universe. Thing is, I don’t give a…. Fudge! 😁

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Following my first rejection I decided to actively search for what I want. I’d flirt with some, bookmark other profiles, but nothing came out of it so a month later I stopped visiting the site everyday. OneΒ day, to my surprise, it all changed. I received a message, and then another and several flirts… I was on a roll. Then came one hard part, being the one to say “Sorry, I’m not interested at the moment“. It was difficult, but I had to do it especially to Nigerians and all the 20+ year-olds who didn’t see the age preference on my profile.

Anyway, back to the personalities I’ve met. I’ve met the sensitive, but older type (he was a Poet), I’ve met the perfect-looking-boyfriend-material kind, and then I’ve met the weirdos.

Visualize this and tell me what you’d do if you were in my shoes…

This black guy flirts and I don’t respond. He goes ahead to send a message. He’s in Australia, but it didn’t matter because I just wasn’t interested, but because I’m not known to be impolite I respond to his message and we chat a bit. We chat long enough for me to find out he’s Nigerian, from Delta state and in Australia since 2015 for his masters.
We exchanged WhatsApp contacts and he called me twice. The second was the one that had my mouth hanging…

Guy: hello bounty (my username)
Me: Hi Nathan.
(pleasantries exchanged)
Guy: so I want to ask some questions.
Me: Go ahead
Guy: Are you in a relationship?
Me: No. That’s why I joined the site.
Guy: Are you involved in witchcraft or any secret society?
Me: erm, are you for real right now?
Guy: Yes! I know why I am asking. Well, God reveals these things to me, but I just wanted to get it out of the way because I don’t treat them lightly.

Online Dating… In Search Of A Mate

How do you respond to this?

Second call
NathanΒ calls me around 11:30pm or so. I’m chatting with friends because I can’t sleep. I can’t sleep because I’m unwell and so I reject the call with a message saying “I can’t talk now. It’s late.”
He doesn’t say anything.

He calls me two nights later at 11:00pm, again;

Nathan: hello
Me: (in my flu-changed voice) hello
Guy: (without an inquiry as to how I was) So I called you and you said “can’t talk now”, were you with your boyfriend?
Me: huh?
Guy: (he proceeds to repeat himself) I know how girls are when they are with a man…

I just kept wondering what planet this guy was from. Is there something that messes with people’s heads when they leave Nigeria? Because I don’t know Nigerians to sound like this.

I was getting worked up, but he got the message that I wasn’t laughing with him and so he mumbled a promise to call the next day and I said goodnight.

This same guy told me on Sunday that he didn’t go to church (he doesn’t at all) because his church isn’t there in his city. Excuse me??? This just won’t do!

The much older poet was just that, older. I know I say, the older the better, but Imagine me with a 59 year old man??? He doesn’t look his age at all and he was so sweet, saying things like;

I awoke to find
my heart still
sings your sweet song
for I awoke from
a sweet dream of you

I was smitten and after taking another look at his profile,Β to be certain I saw ’59’ and not ’39’, I just knew i had to run fast.

The boyfriend-material guy… He’s mature enough, he works, he’s based in a country I like, he speaks and writes well… the list can go on. Point is, he has a lot going for him, but he doesn’t seem ready yet. I am still trying to figure this chocolate man out, but in the mean time, I will try not to loose any sleep over him.

This is some of what I’ve had to deal with but am I deterred? Not at all. I’ve just resolved to stay away from Nigerian men on the site. It’s an interracial site so what are you doing looking for a Nigerian girl there? You are probably in the wrong place.

One key thing with online profiles is to ensure you state exactly what you want without coming off as pompous, otherwise the Toms, Dicks, and Harrys will have a field day.

So I’m sticking to my original plan ofΒ Operation Find A White BeauΒ and having fun along the way.



6 thoughts on “Online Dating: The Good, The Bad, and the very Odd

  1. Hehhehehehe, feels good to know I’m not one in dis male search “nonsense”. Dazz how d oda one claimed he was in Nigeria to see me (without prior warning or info) n wen he called me I told him I was indisposed, ogbeni begin quarrel me o. Even wen babe calm down dey explain say she no well, ogbeni was just shouting upandan.


    1. Lol… Well, thankfully there are still some sane ones out there, but there are some who make you wonder why you even try. Babe, we won’t give up. Lol
      We will keep waiting to be found right?
      Thanks for stopping by πŸ™Œ


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