In The Parking Lot

We met at the parking lot. It wasn't planned. He said he had a snack in the car so we went towards the car and that's when I noticed Jennifer Pam. She was wearing fitted jeans, not the very feminine kind, a white shirt with a blue vest over it. I was very surprised to … Continue reading In The Parking Lot



Hey everyone! Okay, this is kind of weird. It’s my first time guest blogging and it feels like I’m writing in someone else's Diary, being in someone else's personal space... and the persons personal space I’m invading is Mackit Rindap. Thank you for this! I appreciate a lot. So uhmm... I’m a guest on someone … Continue reading A GOOD OLE RAMBLE

The PurpleDiva: Unfiltered

As I grew from one stage of development to the other, my ambitions grew as well. From being a Diva to being a humble street painter. Through it all one thing remained constant, I wanted to be FAMOUS! πŸ˜€ To be outstanding in whatever I eventually decided to do. Some might laugh at this and … Continue reading The PurpleDiva: Unfiltered