Petty Tarok Man-Child 2

After what happened on my birthday (which you can readΒ here) Me and John the Man-Child (MC) weren't talking at all. There was a period he'd call and ask where I was andΒ 


Real Life Dating: The Petty Tarok ‘ManChild’

I have known John (not real name) for over six years albeit from a distance so when he began calling me out of the blue I was a bit surprised but didn't think much of it until April this year, when it became more frequent...

What I Learned From Being Called ‘Selfish’

Did you know that every human being's default setting is at 'selfish'? That's why it's a huge deal when you meet someone that people consider selfless. As Makcit, I've never thought I was a selfless human, but I was very sure I wasn't selfish either. At least, not until I spoke to this new guy … Continue reading What I Learned From Being Called ‘Selfish’