Online Dating… In Search Of A Mate 

​”Follow your dreams. I am not saying it’s going to be easy, but I am saying it’s going to be worth it.” – Moffat Machingura

I just recorded my first rejection in my online dating quest. I must admit, it hurts a lot than I would have thought.

I recently joined this site (which I absolutely love so far) and the first thing I did after completing my profile was to start flirting. Don’t worry, it’s not as scandalous as it sounds. A flirt is just like ‘liking’ on instagram (the icon is a heart) it’s just a way of showing interest in someone. I like it, but I have one problem with it which I’ll come back to later. 

So after joining the site a few days ago, I received my first ‘Sorry, I’m not interested’ and even if I don’t know the person, it stung, but I guess I appreciate the fact that he didn’t just ignore the flirt. Good right?

Back to my problem with the flirt… I read a lot of bios and some stood out more than others for different reasons – I could relate to certain aspects of a person without liking the total package either because they are young or not into Africans, but how do I ‘Like’ your hobby or compliment your music sense without sending a flirt? You see where I’m going right?

Nonetheless, I still love the site,, and I intend to subscribe so I can send messages as well as see who has viewed me. Yay!

Why I’m Doing It

I renewed my quest for a white mate when I chatted with the lovely Gazelle Abraham who encouraged me so much, and then I did a Google search and came across the aforementioned site and so far, I have no regrets.

Online dating isn’t necessarily easier than dating I’m real life , but it’s just an alternative that pays off for some and if the advice from successful users of the site is anything to go by, all you need is to be truthful and patient. The rest will happen when and if it’s meant to be.

“Leaving what feels secure behind and following the beckoning of our hearts doesn’t always end as we expect or hope. We may even fail. But here’s the payoff: it can also be amazing and wonderful and immensely satisfying.” – Steve Goodier

I’m very hopeful and my confidence is increasing by the day so no ‘sorry, I’m not interested’ will deter me from my journey to find the perfect mate. :*



How Do I Get A White Beau?

Just so we are on the same page, this is not a joke. I’m as serious as taxes.

Source: Wikipedia Commons

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always admired interracial couples. From seeing them in films and then in magazines and knowing real life couples like Tamara Mowry and her husband, Adam Housley. Aren’t they just adorable? 
Sadly, some people still frown On interracial couples, but who cares about them right?

Anyway, I’ve always imagined myself, a common girl, married to Prince William because he fell so deeply in love with me. He didn’t marry me, but I’m happy that he married a beautiful soul like Kate Middleton. Yay!

Anyway, I convinced myself over the years that white men don’t like people like me and I gave up hope, but something, I don’t even know what, stirred the dream in me and I know anything is achievable especially if I want it bad enough. And if it’s good for me. 😀

So this makes my ambition official, how do I get a white mate?

I’ve got a few ideas in mind.

Toodles :*

This Is What 31st December Means To Me

​It’s 20 years and yet I cry. I’m not hormonal so I know the tears have to be for him.

I left Anambra on the 31st of December 2016 heading back to Abuja. I took a bus at God Is Good Motors (GIGM) and in the vehicle a woman began to lead prayers. I was oddly comforted by her leadership and flowed with the prayers and songs that followed, but suddenly, I found myself gripped with intense emotion. I was weeping so much and the date hit me.

The dapper man who was my father; Mr Vongjen Rindap


By this time last year I was full of thanks and hope. I felt much stronger. But today, which marks 20 years since his passing, I suddenly feel a deep sense of loss.

The Present

I wept and prayed fervently then I settled in for the ride which seemed like it was never going to end.

My mum wrote a post on Facebook, her first about my father, and my cousin’s comment… his comment opened the switch to my tears. He said;

“In our hearts your memory lingers, Sweetly tender, fond and true, Your gentle face and patient smile With sadness we recall You had a kindly word for each And died beloved by all. Your life was a blessing your memory a treasure… You are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure… A thousand times we needed you A thousand times we cried If love alone could have saved you you never would have died A heart of gold stopped beating two twinkling eyes closed to rest God broke our hearts to prove he only took the best never a day goes by that you’re not in my heart and my soul.”

I wasn’t able to read it all because it spoke a truth I wish the world new. A truth about who the man was and who he will always be to me. 

He’s still the most wonderful man I know and I pray he is resting in peace with the lord.

Baba, we miss you more than words could say, more than emotions could express, more than one could articulate.

Baba, we miss you like a child misses its mother, like a song without bass, like cake without sugar. 

Baba, I miss you. I miss you more than I’ll ever be able to say, more than I’ll ever accept and more than I’ll ever even know for everything and everyday reminds me of you and what life could have been with you in it. 

I loved you then and I love you now. 

Happy New Year :* 

2 Important Christmas Plants and What They Signify 

​There are certain plants that are peculiar to Christmas time for different reasons. Two most common ones are Holly and the Christmas tree which is a specie of the pine tree.


 Holly is a native tree of central and southern Europe. An old legend says that holly grew under the footsteps of Jesus Christ, and its thorny leaves and red berries symbolize his physical suffering on the cross. This is why holly is known as ‘Christ’s Thorn’ in some countries.

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree . Source

: Pixabay

Probably the most recognized decorative Christmas display all over the world. It is possible that the origin of the modern day Christmas tree comes from eleventh century religious plays that featured a “Paradise” tree, which was a prop used to tell the story of Adam and Eve. According to legend, the triangular outline of some pine trees signifies the trinity of Creator, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Not bad ehn?

Still in the spirit, Merry Christmas!

Source: How Stuff Work

YAKATA: How To Get Ready For Konga’s Black Friday Sales

Yakata refers to the collosal fall in prices of fantastic goods on the Konga website. I am and hace always been an advocate of the online mall because they have good items with very fair prices.

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Happy Birthday To A Boss Like No Other, Alu Azege

Happy Birthday to Alu Azege (Mrs), my first ever real life boss. For the record, if all bosses were like her, most people would have a great time at work. 
Her wisdom throws me sometimes and I know I want to have her insight. She’s not bothered by intangible things and always aims to achieve all she’s meant to do.

Me and my boss at Jabi Lake on CEREBRAL PALSY DAY

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The True Meaning Of Success

Jeff Goins, a writer I admire very much wrote a post about how he had to redefine his measure of success because he’d gotten all he set out to and still felt like he wasn’t yet successful. Sound familiar?

What does success mean to you?

I am still far from achieving success in any sense of the word, but I’ve had to reevaluate what it means to me. sunset-summer-golden-hour-paul-filitchkinSimply put, I’d say success is

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