Can’t Stand Me: How I Hated Hearing Myself

I'm a long way from where I used to be, thankfully. I used to be shy, at least that's what I always assumed. I used to be scared, I always thought I was fat (even when I wasn't although now I kind of am) and I used to detest hearing my voice even though I … Continue reading Can’t Stand Me: How I Hated Hearing Myself


My Fearless World is a Fantasy

The Daily Prompt's writing challenge for today is Fearless Fantasy. I'm writing about this because I've always known fear to be my greatest stumbling block. Up in my head I have no fear. No fear to run or jump or fly. My greatest fear is dying alone. Would anyone every want me and love me? … Continue reading My Fearless World is a Fantasy

By Heart

This post is in response to The Daily Post's Prompt Poetry, to me, has always been this fleeting entity that constantly remains out of my reach. Over the years, my attempts at this specific art form has been like a child ascending the stage for the first time with fear and awe. Through these feelings, … Continue reading By Heart