My Baby Is Finally Here

Alas! My much dreamed about, much anticipated, much planned for baby is here and I’m so happy… it just feels surreal.

I hoped and wished and planned for it and just when I thought it wasn’t meant for me after all, it fell on my lap when I least expected it.

I present to you, the one who’s got my heart at the moment;

My Nikon D3200
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It’s That ‘Most Wonderful Time Of Year’ On Konga

Click the photo for Christmas Deals

Every year for the past 2-3 years I write a post at about this time because Christmas is my favourite time of year. I tend to get overly excitement, all anxiety is pushed to some dark recess of my mind never to be dug up and I start to think of what I’ll wear, in terms of ‘Christmas Clothes/shoe’, and what I could get myself.
This year, I will be doing my Christmas shopping on Konga as soon as President Muhammadu Buhari aka PMB pays us.
Now, because i just said ‘Shopping’ people be thinking, ‘Ooooh She’s got dough’. I claim it, I have dough. I earn a salary right? Anyway, shopping can be anything as little as getting a flash drive for office work, like this one below;

toshiba 8gb flash konga

main-phone Alcatel Pop

Or getting a cool android phone to replace my dead Nokia phone which has served me for years. Thanks Nokia.

A phone like this:

Back to the gist of this post, head over to Konga and score yourself some awesome deals. If you knew anything about me you’d know my konga tab is open as I type. Toodles