Banky W Visits Parents In Washington DC (Photo)

Banky W aka Mr Capable, was recently in DC to attend his parents’ 38th wedding anniversary dinner and he posted a photo which he captioned with, “Family Over Everything and everyone… 38th Wedding Anniversary Dinner for my Parents..I’ve learnt that it’s never easy.. but may it at least be worth it. Amen.

Banky w and his parents

He went on to post a photo on IG of him and his parents as he prepared to leave Washington.
Who would you say he looks like, mum or dad?

The sexy singer will be travelling a bit longer as he announced on IG that he has a show coming up in Chicago on the 19th of August with Mastercraft and a host of other DJs and music acts.


How Karma Caught Up With A Thief

Karma, according to my mobile dictionary, is ‘A force or law of nature which causes one to reap what one sows’ otherwise known as fate.
Somewhere in Plateau state Nigeria (That’s my state by the way), a burglar was caught. Yay! For that right? Well, that’s not the best part. The interesting part is the ‘how’ of it.
The gist is that the thief burgled a shop in Plateau Club through the ceiling, threw out all the things he intended to cart away and just when he was trying to exit through the metal gate, his stars just didn’t alight properly.
Can you feel any pity for this guy? I know I can’t.
Apparently, he just couldn’t get his head out. He was stuck there till people came in the morning and saw him. A welder had to come cut the metal to get him free.


In life there is a time for everything, a time to sow and a time to reap so watch what you sow or you might not like what you reap.

The Killing Of A Lion; Ignorance or Nonchalance?

Life is fleeting; one moment it’s there and the other moment it’s snuffed out by accident, by design or by divine forces.
I got the news from my boss that a lion had escaped from a Zoo in Jos. She wanted me to verify if this was true.
I went to my WhatsApp group, Langtang girls set ’05, and asked. Immediately I got a response affirming that it was legit news.
My first thought was, “I hope they don’t kill it though”
Almost immediately, I received confirmation that it had been found, dead. This saddened me like nothing has in the last two weeks. (Sad spell)
The feeling intensified when I saw the photo of the helpless looking animal… Why did they kill it?
It was said that the Lion attacked one of the guards in its bid to get out of the zoo. Fine, but did it kill anyone?
Why would a Zoo which has had wild animals for decades not have tranquillisers or the right equipment to handle them?
Why didn’t the Zoo have plans for such an eventuality? If they weren’t ready they had no business keeping the lion. It should have been sent to a better place where it would be loved and cared for.
Sadly, the people who killed it posted photos of their ‘Victory’ for the world to see.
I know it’s just an animal and some might say it’s ‘meat’ (Cringe), but I still feel so, so sad that it’s passed away. I would have said RIP big man, but I’m not sure that’s appropriate. Is it?
Look at its face, it looks good considering the poor way it probably had to live. The Lion of the jungle has been stripped of its pride and glory.

#Our5k: A Representation Of All That Is Wrong With Nigeria

buhari_oshibajo-938x535To say that Nigeria is in financial trouble is not news and only putting it mildly.

The President of the Federal Republic Of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, came out to tell us Nigerians that the country is broke.

When asked to be categorical on whether the country is broke, Buhari replied,

“Of course, Nigeria is broke.”

Although this was said in response to why the ministers’ list had to be cut down from the usual number of at least 36 to barely 30, it still caused panic and outrage in the heart of Nigerians.

Problem No. 1

That was bad timing on the part of the government. Public servants were already getting agitated and you come out with a stunt like that? Come on. Someone’s gotta be more sensitive than that.

Next that ruffles people’s feathers is the silly hashtag that was trending on Twitter. Before we get into that, here’s the beginning;

“… Provide allowances to the discharged but unemployed Youth Corps members for Twelve (12) months while in the skills and entrepreneurial development programmes.”

This was one of the promises made by our dear president in regards to ‘The Economy & Infrastructure Base On the Economy’. It’s a very robust document which you can read on Vanguard-What Buhari Promised Nigerians.

Problem No. 2

As if declaring the country broke and having our salaries delayed wasn’t enough, the silly hashtag I was talking about had to trend.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you, #Our5k. SMH
our 5k trend on twitterAs at 12:16am, 6th November (Nigerian Time), #Our5k was still trending with almost 17, 000 tweets. Trust Nigerians to shake Twitter up.

When I heard this silliness was on, I didn’t want to get into it, but the I saw a post on Facebook which made me want to speak out. This person also thought it was silly and suggested all those clamouring for this #Our5k deserve #NationalSlap. hehehe Imagine if there was such a thing.

In their defense, the APC in person of President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo did promise to give unemployed youth a stipend of #5,000 monthly, but is this the best time to even bring it up?

Why did they have to make promises they couldn’t keep?

// next one was tweeted directly at the Prof himself.

I have no sympathy for these young peeps (or old folks) clamouring for #Our5k. Next time pick a determiner that doesn’t suck the rest of us into your campaigns.

Problem No. 3

The government has actually made several promises that they have yet to fulfill in full. I totally agree that NO ONE should make promises they can’t keep. Just like mothers would say, “I’ll buy you a bicycle when you pass your exams” or friends would promise “I’ll send you money tomorrow”. Just DON’T!

This is the dilemma we, newly employed staff of FRCN and probably some other organisations, find ourselves in.

We began work ‘Officially’ in January 2015, but we weren’t paid for the first 4 months! Imagine that?

Between May and October of said year we’ve only been paid 2 out of the 4 outstanding months, I would expect that this is more important that giving people 5,000 Naira for doing NOTHING for 12 months.

This just goes to show what’s wrong with our country and tomorrow, these same group of people will become leaders and the cycle goes on and on again.

Say No To The Killings In Plateau State – Sign The Petition

It is now common knowledge that Plateau state is going through a trying time, especially the indigenes of Barkin Ladi. The governor of the state, Simon Lalong, recently visited the president of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari to discuss this issue amongst others. Sign the petition to make the move a reality.

I am from Plateau and I and Nigerian. I don’t agree to random bloodshed.

Posted by Makcit PurpleDiva Rindap on Monday, 24 August 2015

Click Here To Sign The Petition


It’s a lovely morning in the suburban settlement of Karu. I’m constantly amazed at how quiet my neighbourhood is in comparison to the din of the city. Karu was created to decongest the growing population of the Abuja metropolis in the late 80s and it’s grown exponentially since then. We moved here in the early nineties and even though it seemed drab to my young eyes then, I’ve grown to appreciate it’s picturesque landscapes and it’s unbelievable quietness.
This quietness was almost shattered a week ago when some no-good Nigerians decided that of all the lands in the nation, an access road was the best place to build an apartment building. Their brains can be compared to a perforated pan- they obviously can’t hold a solid thought.


The familiar saying that ‘common sense isn’t quite common’ is true in this case.
Why would a reasonable human being allow money be his motivation and strip him of his humanity. So much so that he will consciously inflict pain on tax paying Nigerians?
One of the workers said we were just talking because the man had money that we didn’t have. In other words, we don’t matter to Nigeria. I assume that as a citizen of the federal republic of Nigeria, I DO matter and for that, I’m putting pen to paper hoping to validate that the pen is or can be mightier than the sword.