Celebrating Regina Ronku at 30 and 10 Years of Friendship

2017 makes it 10 years since I met the beautiful and sweet Regina Ronku who is celebrating her birthday today so I decided to make my birthday wish a trip down memory lane.

Now that I think about it, I don’t remember the first day we met, but I’m almost certain it was courtesy of the late Retyit Longse Continue reading


How She Came Back To Life

I was devastated when she died.


And then I met her again. Yes, I did! Her smiles were still the same, there was something about her that pulled me to her. I was suddenly happy and then sad and nostalgic and then happy again. It felt good.

The name Retyit means, ‘Happiness’ and that’s exactly what you get when you meet Retyit. She was vivacious and full of life. Nothing could dampen her spirits, at least we thought so. Not until the very cold and cruel hand of death ripped her out of our lives…  But then I saw her again! Yes, I did. One day in church. It wasn’t about the features. It was more about how I felt when I saw her. I recognised her as the girl I’d known, and loved and lost.
She looked up into my eyes and I could tell it was the same spirit. Alas! Our friend wasn’t lost. She still lives on in the hearts of every happy person.
There are times I feel guilty that we started getting too busy towards the end to spend ample time together, but it didn’t subtract from what we had, not even for a second.

We all have our struggles in life, it’s okay to, but never let it kill your spirit otherwise you would have lost the battle even before the war.
Today I celebrate my friend, our friend. Even if life gets too hard for you to crack a smile, think of Retyit that died and the one that’s still alive and smile in their honour.


Have a lovely weekend!
In loving memory of our friend, Retyit Longse. We love and miss you dearly


My Candy Crush Adventure

Here I am, an out of the closet candy crush addict. I can boldly say I’ve been hooked on it since I discovered it on Atafa’s galaxy tab. After getting the hang of it that day, I helped him complete a level he’d been stuck on for a couple of days and I immediately downloaded it when my data network was good enough (you know you can’t rely on network in Nigeria).
On my HTC I have Miss Spell’s Class, Subway Surfer, 4 pics 1 word… Games like that, but if you check my apps by their level of use candy crush would be like ‘last used: 1 minute ago’ while the rest of the games would be ‘Last used: 2 months ago’. Lol
I’ve become something of a guru when it comes to Candy crush, if the number of people that ask for tips is anything to go by. At least, I think so. Another reason why the number might be on the increase is cause I’ve advertised the game to all my friends and acquaintances who use Android phones.
When it comes to playing games, there are strategies for each and every one, but that’s not to say it’s an assurance that you will win with your own strategy. For me, with Candy Crush, I’ve noticed that I complete levels and orders when I’m in a somewhat tight situation or playing the game when I normally shouldn’t be. I.e In the toilet or when I have company which are both inappropriate times to be doing so, but with Candy Crush you have got to go with your gut. Yeah!
My best tip for Candy Crush is just to keep on playing. One day you will pass that level.
Another thing is, don’t take the game too seriously. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very, very serious game here, but play it with the air of determination and fun… Treat it as a game, but play to win.
Play it as often as you can. The more you play, the higher your chances of getting good at it. The less you play, the more likely you are to spend more time on the tough level.
Go now and get playing. You could search for it on the Google App Store or click the link below, to download the most addictive game on the planet, for now anyway. Lol


What is it with the word ‘sorry’ that if said can quench the hottest anger and when not said can fuel the wildest fire?
I have been feeling off kilter for a while, but something happened that gave me the fuel to write on this. I’ve had a couple of experiences where people have gotten angry cos I didn’t say sorry when they thought I should have.
Quick question; If God got angry at us each time we neglected saying sorry what would have become of humans and the world in general?

Back to my musings….
If there are words I don’t have a problem saying, it’s ‘sorry’ and ‘please’, but my issues come up when this adjective and verb are demanded and not allowed to come of one’s free will, at their own time. When something is forced, it loses it’s value. It becomes a mere word and nothing more. Why would one subject himself to being appeased by mere words that mean nothing when it’s not from the heart?

I recently attended a funeral and had a heart breaking encounter (not as bad as it sounds though). I and a dear friend are butting heads because she thinks I did wrong and caused her to miss the funeral while here I am not getting what the problem is cos I gave her the details the previous night in order to avoid issues on the main day. The crux of the matter is that after all was said and done she thinks I should have just apologized rather than try to explain… Holdup! Let’s take it slow… Why would I just apologize when I don’t even know what I’m apologizing for? Is that fair? I guess apologies have just become the easiest way of getting out of a fix. Well, not for me. I’m not a dude (sniggering).
I believe that everyone in life has a reason for doing anything and everything so I always like to know the why first. It is only when the reason isn’t worth it that I lose my marbles. I just expect that people should be reasonable and think of others too. Is that too much?

Friends For Life

Friends are a staple of life. Anyone who disagrees clearly doesn’t have any.
Today, some old and beloved friends surprised us with a call saying they were on their way. You may be wondering what’s so special about this… We met this family when we moved to our current house in Old Karu since 1994 which means we have known eachother for 19 years. Blimey! I didn’t even know it was that long.
The thing about friendship is that there are highs and lows. It hasn’t always been ‘Love in Tokyo’ my friend, we had to work at it and I’m glad we did cos now Debby has two adorable tykes and I wonder what life would have been not knowing them.
The first is a photo of them four months ago.
The next one is them on their first birthday.
I’m glad I still have great friends. I once read somewhere that there are friends for a season, reason and for a lifetime. These ones are lifelong friends.

WEEDs of our time

It was 10 o’clock and we felt it was time for us to read. You know, just do the final prep for the big test. I got out my History of Drama and Theatre, but Johnny lit a joint seconds after opening his book. He stepped outside and shared it with Tee Jay and after several minutes he came back in and began to read. I usually don’t last long when I read at night (I’d rather read in the day) so through sleepy eyes I found the bedroom and took off to dream land. Sometime in the night I stirred when I felt a presence in the room: it was Johnny who’d come in to get something to cover with. I checked the time and it was four hours after I’d retired. This means he had stayed up reading. Johnny is my friend whom I consider a wonderful person in all ramifications, but one spectacular thing about him is he smokes weed, then he reads and afterwards he takes a short nap before heading to class for an exam or test. Marijuana is the most commonly abused drug in Nigeria and the world at large. It is frowned upon in most societies, but it’s also used for medicinal purposes e.g. To alleviate migraines, induce sleep (for insomniacs), infantile convulsions and many more. The sad thing is, some of my course mates who tried to fit into Tommy’s life got it all wrong and missed a year (which may or may not be directly as a result of their use of the narcotic). Cannabis, which is its botanical name, also answers to several aliases; Pot, Ganja, Skunk, Kush, Weed, dope, mary jane e.t.c. One of the myths of weed is that it heightens every feeling that the body experiences and the one that amuses me the most is hunger. Weed causes acute hunger, which logically is better than cigarettes that do the opposite: they just kill your taste buds and douse your appetite.

How does weed heighten thought/perception? In the case of Johnny, we can infer that weed enables him assimilate better while reverse is the case for others. What do we say is the function, asides proven medical uses, if at all any? Should it be acceptable in the society? Will it cause giant leaps of achievements? Will it open the third eye or help us tap into the 6th sense? Is it just B. S.- a worthless substance that young men of this contemporary generation cling to? What’s your take? From where I’m sitting Pot has no use whatsoever, even the smell doesn’t appeal to me, but I’ve heard some people praise it’s euphoric effect. Should a more serious stand be taken against Marijuana or should it be left as it is- a thing to be savoured by anyone?

Forgive, but don’t forget

“She hurt me, she hurt me real bad. It was a petty issue, but hurtful nonetheless. I had told her before now that if she ever did anything to hurt me again, it would bring about the end of our friendship.” Was that right?
“After the incident I cut all ties with her and decided to focus on the solid things in my life, like work and my relationship.
I am happy because I have forgiven her and I’m moving on with my life, but talking to her can only occur in our dreams. I am done with her.”
This is a young man’s admission about someone that once made him smile, a friend. The type that could only be found once in a lifetime.
Without concerning ourselves with what might have caused the drift, is it absolutely possible to forgive someone without communicating with them? If it is then how can the wrong doer be absolutely sure that he or she is truly forgiven?
The great book speaks clearly about how many times one should be forgiven. Jesus told peter when he asked, “… Seventy times seven”
Was he (the above) right by making up his mind to cut ties with this friend?
The great book also says to forgive, if you have anything against someone, so that the father will forgive you when you ask too.
If our guy claims to have forgiven his friend, especially over something petty, why the estrangement?
What would have been of us if God forgave us and left us all to ourselves?
If she is truly forgiven, why does he feel the need to be alienated from her? Is it possible to forgive and alienate?