Would You Buy An iPad For Your 2-Year-Old?

Child_with_Apple_iPadAs the title suggests, this post is to get your opinion after I say what I think on the matter, even though I don’t have any kids of my own.

One day, at work, my colleague mentioned that her 2-year-old broke his iPad mini. He threw it off the balcony of their second floor apartment and it broke. In my mind I’m like, ‘Err… what did you expect a toddler to do with a gadget, pet it?’ lol.
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Hey everyone!

Okay, this is kind of weird. It’s my first time guest blogging and it feels like I’m writing in someone else’s Diary, being in someone else’s personal space… and the persons personal space I’m invading is Mackit Rindap. Thank you for this! I appreciate a lot.

So uhmm… I’m a guest on someone else’s blog.

Yay! *shakes his buttocks*

But wait… does that mean I have to act like I’m a guest in someone’s house?  Do I have to mind my manners? Make sure I don’t fart noisily? Well, I guess I’ll have to mind my manners. So I’m not going to bring my cat in here.

I love cats.

Most people say they are devilish, evil and diabolical.

Ah ahn!

The poor animal is just really cute and determined to get what it wants. They are also funny too!

images (2) images (28)

Aww! Tell me you guys don’t find those kittens cute! How can you relate these bundles of cuteness and cuddles to evil! Yeah, witches like them, but that only goes to show how cute they are! I mean, it means that their cuteness can melt the evil wickedness of a witch’s heart! They also make a fashion statement. A witch with a cat is a like 1950’s movie diva with a fox on her shoulders.

I love movies.

So what are you guys watching? Is it any good?

I’m into the horror and adventure thingy. Also suspense and crime. So you shouldn’t be surprised when I name Supernatural, Fringe, The Originals, Dexter, Hannibal, The Walking Dead (TWD baby!!!) and a host of others. I just got season one of Grimm and will inculcate it into my lazy time schedule.

I’m an arsenal fan! Been a fan for over 10 years, so I tasted victory before the long drought. I know most girls who don’t really watch football are arsenal fans because of the cute and sexy and handsome players. They always pray we score goals… and hope that the players take their shirts off.

images (24)

Do you get those game requests on facebook? Fantasy football, mafia something something? And the most annoying of them all. The candy crush saga request. Here’s what I want to do to this particular girl who keeps sending them to me.


Before the advent of candy crush, I used to send her “hi’s” and “heys” but she never replied. But then she keeps sending me personalized invites… so, me doing this to her is kind of justified.

I have met a lot of nice people on facebook though. Purplediva one of them. So, I really can’t complain about everyone. And I’ve got my faults too. I bet there are people out there that have issues with me, justifiable ones at that.

Over the years, I’ve watched the slow but constant ground telemundo has gained on our television stations. It started noticeably with Paloma and Diego. The English over Spanish lipping. The constant crying and falling in love and breaking up and coming together and breaking up again!


Then came more! Corazon Complicio… Furado Del Amour…The Rose of Guadeloupe… The one who couldn’t love… Valiant love… smh! If Maria del a Cruz isn’t falling in love with Rodrigo, then Maria del a Cruz is a poor farmers daughter who is related to some rich cattle guy and the cattle guy dies and she inherits the old man’s farms and has enemies and jeez!!! The storylines are almost always the same. Just a few tweaks to make them different. They cry a lot, even the guys too. I can’t imagine me, sitting down to watch that for a full week. I’d go crazy.


They now have Korean seasonals… the world is indeed coming to an end.

On a brighter note, November just went by us and for those that didn’t know November is actually a month when men all over the world are encouraged not to shave.

Yeah, seriously!

It’s called the month of “movember”. It’s a way to show support for people living with cancer. Well, I didn’t shave. I hadn’t shaved for almost three month, so you could imagine how hairy. Most men that grow beards and keep them for long, find it difficult to shave them off. I do. My beard is my pride!

10505294_1067355049944884_1587603136250502504_n 10405254_10152457962222826_8221663523341234825_n

My beard gives me personality and character! When I shave, I feel naked. I feel vulnerable. I feel like I can be easily taken advantage of. And I don’t look fresh faced and female like when I shave and that, in the words of King Julian (penguins of Madagascar) is “the disappointest disappointment of them all”.

I was born in the early nineties and I have this perverse joy when I come in contact with another person that experienced the nineties way of life. I was born in the really early 90’s, brought up in a 90’s home and bred in the 90’s way. I fed on NASCO cornflakes, the one that had the really huge cockerel on the box, Oval tine, Okin Biscuits, Chocó bom bom and I forget the name of that chewy caramel chocolate stuff that was in a red wrapper. My mom used blue OMO to wash our clothes and KEY soap to wash our dishes.

download download (1) images (20) images (36)

Cyril Stober sported a yuppie Burt Reynolds moustache while he read the NTA channel 5 news. I watched people celebrate and dance when Abacha’s death was announced. I didn’t get why people were celebrating the death of their leader at that time… I put it down to the weirdness of grownups at that time. Songs like like Oby Onyioha – I Want To Feel Your Love Junior & Pretty – Monika, Stephen Osita Osadebe – Osondi Owendu, Oliver De Coque – IdentityMike Okri – Time Na Money and Oritz Wiliki – Heart Of Stonowned the Nigerian music scene. I personally liked Mike Okri’s “time na money” I still do!


We 90’s kids played with Legos’, rode our bicycles virtually everywhere and played lots of board games. Kids nowadays prefer to spend hours on iPads and smart phones, forgetting that there’s something called Outside. So the picture above shows the reverse psychology which manifests itself in our current time.

Anyway, I think I’ve rambled long enough. I hope I didn’t bore you guys too much. However, I can’t leave without imparting some kind of moral lesson or encouragement.


When we’ve got dreams, we tend to have vision. It is from the dreams of fame and success and glory that we set for ourselves, a benchmark for achieving our goals. So it’s either you dream or you die. Our dreams power our success. So people, don’t be afraid of your dreams, embrace them and strive to achieve them. Believe in yourself, have faith in God to help you be great, and you will be.

Once again, I say a big thank you to Purplediva. And I can’t wait to have you on my blog.

So its peace out from me, Williams Ella. Remember; keep a smile on your face, because it might just save someone’s life.


How Do You Know You Are An Adult?

Do you remember yourself as a kid and how you couldn’t wait to grow a little older? Girls looked forward to wearing brassières and the boys couldn’t wait to have girlfriends.
child playing.jpgOh! How eager we were to drop our baby looks and be addressed as adults, wear adult clothes and go places on our own. The funny thing though is that most of us don’t realize when we actually become adults. I know I didn’t.
What makes one an adult? Is it the national stipulation that says anyone above 18 is an adult? Or is it the moment one realizes it in his head, “I am an adult”?
For some of my friends, hitting 18 or 21 was just another birthday to them, a reason to party. I asked a couple of friends if they considered themselves adults and when they realized they were adults. It took three of them a while to think about it. Below are their answers;

  • “30”. This one got me smiling because this my friend isn’t even 30 yet.
  • “Truth is, now that I’ve thought of it, i am not even sure i have realised yet.”
  • “I consider myself an adult, although not completely cos I am not fully independent.”

I don’t know about you, but for me the years between my 18th and the great ‘2-0’ had me thinking I was the ‘ish’. I felt like I knew all I needed for life’s journey, but it didn’t really resonate with me that I was an adult. I considered myself young and at a very good age.
As the years progressed I only likened myself to fine wine… Getting better with age you know, but as I struck 25 it seems there was a sign on my forehead that showed it. People now regard me differently, people relate with me differently and funny enough, I converse with myself differently too. I don’t know if this will keep happening, changing perceptions as the years progress, but I’m beginning to accept that I’m old(er) and more is expected of me now more than ever. I AM an adult 🙂
Growing up is inevitable and quite exciting. When did you realize you’d metamorphosed into an adult? Was it an ‘AHA’ moment (as Oprah would say), did it just creep up on you or are you among the group that feel you aren’t quite there yet?

The Kid

Let me begin by saying that I love children to a fault. I love them and I’m good with them. I like to think of myself as the baby whisperer, if there ever was such a thing. I wish I could just have a mansion filled to the seams with kids for me to entertain and mould into great teens that will be taken care of by someone else (hehehe), but I have a problem.
Here I am in church and a baby starts to wail. Sh*t! I’m all for refraining from hitting a child, but if that child doesn’t know the difference between home and public places it deserves a spanking. There is this kid in my church that makes me want to tear my clothes and go apewoman on him.
First of all, this particular child is what we Nigerians call, ‘long throat’ (pronounced with a pidgin accent). He sees you with something and he wants it. Like, seriously?
To add to his ‘long throat’, he is ungrateful. A lady with a child of her own gave him a piece of apple which he actually collected by force and he just went about his merry way without a backward glance… And guess what? He came back for more. *rolling my eyes*.
He is stubborn, unruly, a tyke and any other adjective that is synonymous with those already mentioned (I’m not exaggerating).
He inspired this entry cos he started shouting in church and for no cause I’m most certain. He was probably being reprimanded for something he’d done or was about to do. I’m in no position to pick on anyone’s parenting skills, but I think some parents should but a tighter leash on their kids. The things we excuse today will become our undoing tomorrow.