​Jilted By A Lover! #Throwback To A School Assignment

This story was written as my response to a secondary school assignment. I came across it in an old journal. Back in the day I used to love writing fictional stories - especially romance so it was really exciting and nostalgic to read this again. I hope you enjoy it. PS. I've tried to leave … Continue reading ​Jilted By A Lover! #Throwback To A School Assignment


Would You Buy An iPad For Your 2-Year-Old?

As the title suggests, this post is to get your opinion after I say what I think on the matter, even though I don't have any kids of my own. One day, at work, my colleague mentioned that her 2-year-old broke his iPad mini. He threw it off the balcony of their second floor apartment and … Continue reading Would You Buy An iPad For Your 2-Year-Old?


Hey everyone! Okay, this is kind of weird. It’s my first time guest blogging and it feels like I’m writing in someone else's Diary, being in someone else's personal space... and the persons personal space I’m invading is Mackit Rindap. Thank you for this! I appreciate a lot. So uhmm... I’m a guest on someone … Continue reading A GOOD OLE RAMBLE