Loving The Wrong Person So Right

I was walking back home from Blessed Plaza. The bike I flagged and climbed suddenly realised he didn’t have change and so I had to dismount and continue by foot, but I was happy; he’d taken me far enough that I could make the rest of the trip by foot. I was walking on the … Continue reading Loving The Wrong Person So Right


Love and Marriage

She was a young girl growing up in the country. She didn't know so much about life out in the city, but she knew she wasn't cut our for the country life. She wasn't sure how life was gonna be, but she willed it to be better than what she saw. Papi came along one … Continue reading Love and Marriage

Playing The Field

I used to think that certain things in life were for losers and seeing as I do not consider myself one, you wouldn't catch me doing any of them. Over the years I've found that my best matches, as per friendships, come from virtual acquaintances; I'd meet someone online, we would begin communicating with the … Continue reading Playing The Field