2 Important Christmas Plants and What They Signify 

​There are certain plants that are peculiar to Christmas time for different reasons. Two most common ones are Holly and the Christmas tree which is a specie of the pine tree.


 Holly is a native tree of central and southern Europe. An old legend says that holly grew under the footsteps of Jesus Christ, and its thorny leaves and red berries symbolize his physical suffering on the cross. This is why holly is known as ‘Christ’s Thorn’ in some countries.

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree . Source

: Pixabay

Probably the most recognized decorative Christmas display all over the world. It is possible that the origin of the modern day Christmas tree comes from eleventh century religious plays that featured a “Paradise” tree, which was a prop used to tell the story of Adam and Eve. According to legend, the triangular outline of some pine trees signifies the trinity of Creator, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Not bad ehn?

Still in the spirit, Merry Christmas!

Source: How Stuff Work


Happy Birthday To A Boss Like No Other, Alu Azege

Happy Birthday to Alu Azege (Mrs), my first ever real life boss. For the record, if all bosses were like her, most people would have a great time at work. 
Her wisdom throws me sometimes and I know I want to have her insight. She’s not bothered by intangible things and always aims to achieve all she’s meant to do.

Me and my boss at Jabi Lake on CEREBRAL PALSY DAY

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My Baby Is Finally Here

Alas! My much dreamed about, much anticipated, much planned for baby is here and I’m so happy… it just feels surreal.

I hoped and wished and planned for it and just when I thought it wasn’t meant for me after all, it fell on my lap when I least expected it.

I present to you, the one who’s got my heart at the moment;

My Nikon D3200
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Writing Because It’s December 31

As the day drew closer, I kept thinking about it. I thought and thought and thought about it, then I decided I wasn’t gonna write about it. It only takes so long for something to become cliché and I didn’t want that.

Every year I think it’s gonna get better, it should feel better, but I’m reminded that it’s never not gonna hurt.
I saw my sister’s simple words on Facebook and the emotions tugged at my heart’s strings.
I said I wasn’t going to write, but here I am with tears in my eyes typing steadily on my phone.

We think of you always, we talk of you always and we will miss you always.

Experiencing death so early and almost regularly has caused me not to question why things happen, but to find a silver lining.
It’s hard to find a silver lining when you lose your father or your husband at a young age, but I have – I know that God’s got us. All will be well.
It’s with that thought and hope that I enter into 2016; a positive outlook. Things may not be right, but it’s okay because we’re gonna make it.
Keep resting in peace Baba (that’s what we call him) and dear Lord, see us through the rest of our days.

MOH: How I Became The One

The task of finding an MOH, Maid of Honour, is quite cumbersome. Almost as cumbersome as finding a wife!
You wouldn’t want an MOH who may likely not be your friend in the next two years after the wedding so it’s either you pick your sister/relative or a friend of whom you are absolutely sure will stick with you through thick and thin.
It is my pleasure to announce that my beautiful friend is getting hooked and she’s picked me to be her maid of honour. Yay!

Makcit and Olodu at Joyce's weddingIt wasn’t as sweet as you might imagine and I didn’t see it coming, but it was fab!
We were driving around Shoprite, Apo, and she said something like, “I know you might not be free with my mum to help her with stuff so maybe you should be the maid of honour”- or something along those lines.
In absolute ‘uncodedness‘ I went on saying, “Nah, I’d like to be behind the scenes planning and stuff”
I then sent her a message on BBM and somehow it got round to, “Who says ‘no’ when asked to be the MOH”?
Imagine my shock, surprise, excitement and panic. I was surprised that she’d actually thought of me, excited that I was finally gonna add MOH to my skill-set and panicking because I was wondering if she’d gone with plan B- by the way, always have a plan B.
She said, “Well, I’d made up my mind so…”.
I apologised profusely and gladly accepted the privilege of being her Maid of Honour, to stand by her side when she makes that important decision and says, ‘I Do’.

Thankful For A New Day

Makcit rindap Shaniqua Julie

14th July 2010
It was a great month, as always. I was looking forward to this day, but then the day came and I realised… ‘I’m getting old!’
How could this be? I’m still in the university and life just wasn’t going okay.

A day in July 2015
The countdown is on. Not as vigorous as previous years, but the excitement has built up.

I’m counting down in days and one thought sounds clear… “My Life is Just beginning.” A couple of years ago I thought I was getting old and now here I am thinking my world is just about to start.

14th July 2015

Alas, the day is upon us and my Joy knows no bounds. I am in the studio at the 12th floor of Radio House, Garki… I have my dream Job- Whereas by this time last year i’d received my appointment letter, but the job was still a dream. My relationship with God is better than it’s ever been and I can genuinely say I am a very happy person.

I have many more words to write, but i am sleepy from working so late. I’ll see y’all later. :*


Don’t get excited just yet. It’s not a wedding anniversary or some sort of relationship thingy. It’s bigger than that. It’s my 1 year anniversary with WordPress! Now you can get excited 🙂
wpid-img_20150320_163317.jpgI thought this day would never come, but even with my anticipation of it I have to say I forgot *covering eyes*. It’s more like I didn’t see the notification not like I actually forgot, but I’m still very excited. If I wasn’t at work when I saw the notification I would have shed a tear or two 😰 (My tears aren’t very far away)

I’ll use this time to appreciate WordPress, words can’t express my love for you. I Want to also acknowledge my ardent followers; Wulleng, Zingfa, Cornix and loads of others, I love y’all to the moon and back and I’m sorry I haven’t written since January. I promise to pick up the slack :*
It’s not been easy, especially since I started work, but I won’t use that as an excuse. I have so much I wanna say and I’ll be saying them real soon.
Happy Anniversary to me and keep following.
Xoxo 😘