2 Important Christmas Plants and What They SignifyΒ 

​There are certain plants that are peculiar to Christmas time for different reasons. Two most common ones are Holly and the Christmas tree which is a specie of the pine tree.


 Holly is a native tree of central and southern Europe. An old legend says that holly grew under the footsteps of Jesus Christ, and its thorny leaves and red berries symbolize his physical suffering on the cross. This is why holly is known as ‘Christ’s Thorn’ in some countries.

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree . Source

: Pixabay

Probably the most recognized decorative Christmas display all over the world. It is possible that the origin of the modern day Christmas tree comes from eleventh century religious plays that featured a “Paradise” tree, which was a prop used to tell the story of Adam and Eve. According to legend, the triangular outline of some pine trees signifies the trinity of Creator, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Not bad ehn?

Still in the spirit, Merry Christmas!

Source: How Stuff Work

Happy Birthday To A Boss Like No Other, Alu Azege

Happy Birthday to Alu Azege (Mrs), my first ever real life boss. For the record, if all bosses were like her, most people would have a great time at work.Β 
Her wisdom throws me sometimes and I know I want to have her insight. She’s not bothered by intangible things and always aims to achieve all she’s meant to do.

Me and my boss at Jabi Lake on CEREBRAL PALSY DAY

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My Baby Is Finally Here

Alas! My much dreamed about, much anticipated, much planned for baby is here and I’m so happy… it just feels surreal.

I hoped and wished and planned for it and just when I thought it wasn’t meant for me after all, it fell on my lap when I least expected it.

I present to you, the one who’s got my heart at the moment;

My Nikon D3200
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