​Jilted By A Lover! #Throwback To A School Assignment

This story was written as my response to a secondary school assignment. I came across it in an old journal.

Back in the day I used to love writing fictional stories – especially romance so it was really exciting and nostalgic to read this again. I hope you enjoy it.

PS. I’ve tried to leave it as ‘original’ as possible 😁 


It was a terrible thing in my life for the man I loved so much to…

It all started when I, Miss Julie, went to start my new contract with Charisma Holdings.

On that day, my boss required my application file. I had gone to his office to submit it.

As I entered my Boss’ office I was captivated by the most handsome and mesmerising face I had ever seen in my life. I managed to control myself, greet my boss and submit the file, but all the while I couldn’t help the feeling that his eyes were on my every move.

Throughout the day, I couldn’t get him out of my head, but I managed to pull through the first day of my contract successfully.

As I left the building, about to leave the car park, a blue Lambhourgini pulled up to me and then the window was wound down I was shocked to find Tony, as I earlier found out his name was. He offered to give me a ride to my place. I declined at first but due to his sweet charms I have in.

We got talking in the car and it happened that he asked me out. On normal circumstances I would have objected, but because the chemistry was so strong and the fact that I was attracted to him, I gave in.

Tony and I started a steady relationship after that encounter in the car.

He was so caring and the best friend a girl could dream of. Two months into the relationship he proposed to me and I willingly obliged. The wedding was planned to be held two weeks from then.

On my wedding eve at about 8:30pm I received a distant phone call from my very good friend Nadine, who was based abroad. She had called to inform me of her upcoming wedding. I was so happy for her and I asked who the lucky guy was and when I heard the name, I froze. I was dumbfounded because he was no other than my fiancé, Tony Mckenzie.

The whole world was lost to me when I realised… I had been Jilted by a lover.

Not bad for a high school writer huh? 😄 let me know what you think.
Recit Dangtim contributed to this fictional writeup. 


7 thoughts on “​Jilted By A Lover! #Throwback To A School Assignment

    1. I agree. I’m sure it was about the time I discovered suspense and ambiguity 😁. Who knows what I was thinking. Lol
      How would you have ended it if it was up to you?


      1. Don’t know…… Maybe with a more strong prove of him cheating or jilting her…. Or prove that her suspicions/fears were wrong….


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