Online Dating: The 3 Things You Should NOT Be Doing

There was once a time when online dating was for loosers and perverts, but that time is long gone. Statistics show that there is a growing number of first time online daters as well as returning users and marriages resulting from online dating sites.

According to the PewResearch Centre, “5% of Americans who are in a marriage or committed relationship say they met their significant other online” so it can’t be bad right?

Don't do it
Source: My Dating Hangovers

Gone are the days that people frowned on online dating. Now, it’s like the better option for busy professionals or those who seek something different from what they are used to, like interracial relationships, but from my brief sojourn I’ve noted some things that could hamper one’s chance of success.

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  1. Wrong spellings/grammer: In Nigeria our official language is English Language so would you have an excuse not to know the basics for communication? I don’t think so. It is worse when you are on an interracial site, hoping to meet a foreign lady, and saying things like “Am cool…” or “am looking for a coll girl to make cooll family with”. It’s just wrong man.
  2. Bathroom Selfies: We get that you are trying to have visuals of yourself as you take a good photo for your profile, but what ever happened to phone timers or just asking a friend to take a photo for you? Some women sit on the sink to make their behinds seem bigger. Don’t do that ladies. Mirror selfies make you seem vain, but if that’s the intended message, be my guest.
  3. Short Bios: What is less than short in this case? One line bios. The more you say about yourself and what you like, the more likely it is that you will appeal to someone. Ladies like detail, helps them understand you better so to better your chances of finding a match, write at at least two paragraphs about yourself and be specific about what you like. Saves all of us the stress.

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This is also applicable to real life scenarios. First impressions matter a lot so when meeting new people (especially potential dates) ensure you put your best foot forward and show off your best assets and I don’t mean literally. 🙂



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