Happy Birthday To A Boss Like No Other, Alu Azege

Happy Birthday to Alu Azege (Mrs), my first ever real life boss. For the record, if all bosses were like her, most people would have a great time at work. 
Her wisdom throws me sometimes and I know I want to have her insight. She’s not bothered by intangible things and always aims to achieve all she’s meant to do.

Me and my boss at Jabi Lake on CEREBRAL PALSY DAY

Even on assignments, my boss would suggest doing something fun and I’ll tell myself, “why didn’t I think of that?”… She’s just awesome like that and she always picks on Ufuoma and I for being boring singles. LolThe thing I don’t like about her? She’s overly honest. I mean, her honesty can be hurtful at times, but because we love her we know it’s never intended to be hurtful. 

She has a way of making you feel comfortable. I remember blurting something about myself, to her, and for the life of me I still don’t know how come. That’s her; you can’t help but be comfortable.

Did I mention she’s very generous too? Happy Birthday to a boss like no other and I pray that your bread will always be buttered (we will definitely get some of it too :D) and I pray your daughters will grow to be like you; full of wisdom and love for humanity. 

Happy Birthday Ma’am :*


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To A Boss Like No Other, Alu Azege

  1. Wow purpleDiva…I pray 1 day soon, sm1 writes all diz about/for U. with Alu Azege, u knw d job must b done and done well too… God bless u ma’am..


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