The True Meaning Of Success

Jeff Goins, a writer I admire very much wrote a post about how he had to redefine his measure of success because he’d gotten all he set out to and still felt like he wasn’t yet successful. Sound familiar?

What does success mean to you?

I am still far from achieving success in any sense of the word, but I’ve had to reevaluate what it means to me. sunset-summer-golden-hour-paul-filitchkinSimply put, I’d say success is

setting goals and achieving them to the best of your ability, but as Jeff says,

“success isn’t measured by what we gain, but rather by whom we influence”

I’ve heard sermons on how our biggest achievement is nothing if we haven’t passed on our gifts and talents (which everyone has) to someone else. If you aren’t lucky to have a discipler, change the course of things and disciple somebody.

I play the bass guitar and several times I think to myself… What happens when I’m no longer a member of the band at COCIN old Karu and the only people left are the young ones there now… Who will play the bass or sing in my place?
There are days my band leader is not present and I feel the weight of his absence because we have to make an extra effort to tighten loose ends and so, regularly, these thoughts float in my head, “what will the band be without Mr A, B or C?”
This is in no way trying to exaggerate anyone’s importance, especially not mine.

Another issue with such a scenario is that we get comfortable and assume that our leaders will always be there forgetting that life always has other plans and this is definitely not the case.


What To Do

  • Start by reevaluating your life and what you consider as ‘success’.
  • Think of your life and what you’ve done with it so far; Has it been all about you or do you try to carry others along?
  • How you ‘help’ others is equally as important. I have little patience when teaching (grown ups). Work on the attitude.
  • Look around you; Will there be a vacuum when you leave? See to it that all lacunas are closed up.

As we strive to leave something for others, it is also on us to work towards achieving something with the time we have on earth. No one will force you to learn or do what you aren’t interested in. Opportunities are there for those who take it.

I am a work in progress, but I encourage you to aim at being successful.



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