From the days of Boarding School & Dance Groups

Social Night – One Of The Things I Miss About Secondary School 

I remember, with excitement and gusto, how we looked forward to social nights and all the dancing that went on. Believe it or not, some raunchy stuff went down as well. Those were the days of ‘How Do I‘ by Shania twain and all the Westlife songs that really mattered to pubescent girls like us at the time.

Boarding school was so fun for me so it brightened my day when one afternoon, I remembered some special things… 

1. My Dance Group 

My friend, Aisha, and myself thought it would be cool to have a dance group. Gloria Nwankwo aka Biggy, was one of the good dancers of our set and all three of us were in the same hostel so somehow, it just made sense.

2. Our Group Name

Every great group is only as great as the name and ours was great, by our standards at the time. We were known as ‘Troopers’. I’ll have to ask Aisha why we went with this name though. We had another alias which was a combination of the first syllables of our nick names, ‘BiTriShanel’, from ‘Biggie’, ‘Trisha’ and ‘Shanel’ (that was me by the way).

3. A Signature Song

This is the most exciting part for me. Dancing was always a release and an expressive medium for the timid girl I used to be. We had a song we picked (I don’t know how). It’s a song by Matt Houston, R n B 2 Rue. It’s so weird cos this is a French song and we didn’t have the foggiest idea of what the lyrics meant. We loved the rhythm, didn’t know what the words meant, sang it our own way and killed it on the dance floor.

Just the thought of dancing like our lives depended on it is enough to brighten my saddest day and for that I’m grateful to FGGC Langtang and the people I met there. 🙂

This is just one thing I miss about secondary school. What is yours?


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