COCIN: Elratam, Others Attend The 2016 RCC Karu Music Concert

The 2016 Rcc Karu music concert was attended by Elratam, a worship group from Jos, COCIN Rcc Abuja Youth Band and other special individuals.

The event which was scheduled to take place at the RCC Headquarters, COCIN Nyanya, was moved to the church at Old karu due to some unfinished work in the auditorium at Nyanya. Despite a lack of sufficient place, most people agree that this year’s concert was more engaging and uplifting.

This year’s theme and message was ‘Revealing Christ Through Worshipby Ellison Domkap (Elratam’s Coordinator) who was also an observer of the ministrations as well as Mr Nanman Tangtur (A musician and CM at Cocin Old Karu) and Daniel Tsok, Elratam’s Music Director.

This year, the programme took a slightly different dimension. All fifteen LCCs in RCC Karu were expected to minister two songs each; One by an Artiste whose name the LCCs’ representatives picked, and a self-composed song on this year’s COCIN theme ‘Imitating Christ‘ as seen in Ephesians 5:1.

Here are some photos from the concert taken with my Nikon D3200 😀

It was a pleasure to observe and be a part of.

Some of the observations were on dressing appropriately, singing moderately (low) and ensuring harmony in the singing and overall ministration. I am still not over the physical fatigue from not sleeping all night, but I believe it will be all gone soon.

Toodles 😀


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