My Baby Is Finally Here

Alas! My much dreamed about, much anticipated, much planned for baby is here and I’m so happy… it just feels surreal.

I hoped and wished and planned for it and just when I thought it wasn’t meant for me after all, it fell on my lap when I least expected it.

I present to you, the one who’s got my heart at the moment;

My Nikon D3200
In my heart, I know I’m a Canon gal, but I found myself in closer contact with Nikons through this journey and so I already opened my heart to the possibility, but I didn’t see it happening. I’ve gotta say though, I’ve found love in an unexpected place. 😊

I acquired the little angel from a friend who didn’t think he would sell it until I asked. This teaches a very valuable lesson; “Ask and ye shall be given…” as Matthew 7:7 suggests.
I wanted an entry-level camera, something for beginners and this is just perfect. Here’s what she can do;

24 megapixels
ISO range of 100 – 6400 (12800 with boost)
Minimum shutter speed – 30 seconds
MPEG-4, H.264 Video Format
Maximum resolution of 6016*4000
Auto/Manual Focus and it shoots 1080p video
It is very light and portable at a weight of 773 grams and it can fit into a purse quite nicely.
It doesn’t have a top deck display, but it has an eye level view and a pentamirror LCD display screen.

This is just a few among the many features of my new baby.
As soon as I start my lessons, I’ll be posting my photos here, but in the meantime I’ll be glad to get any photography tips and tricks.

Note: All photos were taken with my Sony Xperia Z1


3 thoughts on “My Baby Is Finally Here

  1. congratulations!! Nikon is a decent brand and I think D3200 is a step higher than entry level…so much you can do with your new baby…I have no doubt you’ll enjoy it even more as you explore the endless photo-pleasure moments that a D3200 can give you.

    I got alot of nice and handy photo tips on youtube, perhaps you can check that too. I also know there are a few online courses (free and paid) that can come in handy…

    Goodluck and welcome to the Nikon fam!

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