At What Point Is Divorce Okay?

divorce-Marriage certificateI’ve had one or two Muslim friends ask me about divorce in the Christian doctrine. When you explain that a woman cannot leave her husband because of the vow she made to “have and to hold… till death do us part”, not everyone gets it.

It’s almost impractical to say you can’t get out of a sad or traumatic situation, but that’s my religion and I respect it.

Now, I want to talk more realistically.
I listened to Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo on TheΒ Udy Factor, an AIT Programme, and the discussion got round to divorce and what he thinks about it. I don’t remember his words verbatim, but what I took away from his submission was;

  1. Marriage is a covenant between two people.
  2. When the marriage is based on a lie then the covenant has already broken.
  3. Lying to one another or disregard for each other makes staying together of no consequence.

I’ve heard extreme cases of marriages being annulled because the very foundation was based on a lie.

Some might say it’s fine to leave as long as you won’t be getting married again, but is that truly alright?

Recently, I’ve come to know that my church, Church Of Christ In Nations (COCIN), has reviewed it’s stand on marriage to allow divorce in some circumstances like number 2 above. To say this makes me breathe easier is an understatement, but you can be certain some are already condemning the development.

To all the naysayers in this matter I’d like to ask you a question;

Cast your minds to the story of Lekan Shonde who beat his wife till she died and left the house leaving his children all alone in a locked room. This life isn’t our own to take, but this man took his wife’s… If divorce could have saved Ronke from the cold hands of death shouldn’t that have been open to her?

This is just what I think on the matter of Divorce, but tell me, when do you think divorce is okay?


11 thoughts on “At What Point Is Divorce Okay?

  1. the bible in Matthew 19:9 ESV. these were the words of Jesus.
    And I say to you: whoever divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries another, commits adultery.”
    to me I don’t have any explaination contrary to this


  2. This is dicey… On your wedding day, you made a vow… “For better for worse… till death do Us part”. A vow binds a couple. So except in death, divorce is a sin. In a case where it becomes life threatening, separation is permitted.


  3. I’m not a Christian, so I’m coming from a place of pure logic here. Life is about being happy. If something isn’t making you happy, then end it. Life’s just too short to stay in an unhappy situation. As I said, I’m not a Christian, but why would God want you to remain in an unhappy situation? Not a God that I want to worship, that’s for sure.


      1. There’s no harm in being curious πŸ™‚ I am essentially an Agnostic Buddhist, but I do believe that there’s “something” out there. I just don’t think that “something” can be conceived of or defined by humans, but I do think it’s something spiritual or out of science’s realm. I also believe that every religion has felt/experienced that “something” and has created their own story/culture/traditions around “something”. Sorry for the long answer.


      2. It’s fine… I love to read πŸ“–. Thanks for taking the time to even answer. I’ll read about being Agnostic Buddhist and come back with more questions. It’s 11:33pm and I’m sleepy. Toodles 😁

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      3. Aha… well, essentially Buddhists are agnostic or atheist by their very beliefs. The latest blog piece I’ve written for my page is titled ‘A Nervous Girl’s Guide to Buddhism and Why It’s Not Hippy Sh*t’. So that might be a good place to start πŸ™‚


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