Gender Dysphoria: 5-Year-Old Boy Returns To School As A Girl

Nigerian boy in school uniformImagine you got an email from your child’s school requesting that you be kind enough to respect a 5-year-old’s view.
What would be your first thought if the headmaster or mistress was asking that your daughter’s classmate would like to be referred to as a girl and not a boy henceforth?

I can see how that’s confusing right? Well, I was quite shocked myself. Imagine seeing a headline announcing that a child went home on holiday a boy and resumed a girl. Apparently, his parents, in support of this gender transitioning, were trying to make the transition easier for him.

early this year, the Daily Mirror captioned an image of the boy thus;

Brave step:Β The child, who was born a boy, is now coming to school as a girl

Before i begin to question what is brave about this, let me share an excerpt of the story as seen on Daily Mirror’s Site.

Letters were sent to classmates and parents after the festive break telling them of the boy’s wishes to be treated as a little girl.

The youngster, who has not been identified, now turns up for classes at his Nottinghamshire primary school as a girl.

His family have told teachers they are supporting their son through the early stages of gender transitioning.

It’s been said that there has been a surge in cases of genderΒ dysphoria. This isΒ the condition of feeling one’s emotional and psychological identity to be opposite to one’s biological sex. That is, a man feeling like he’s a woman and vice versa.
Personally, I know exactly what I would do. A lot might find it extreme and snobbish It’s just how I am. I try to let go of things I have no control over or things I don’t understand.
I would simply take my child out of that school in order to prevent my child from getting confused and so that I never have to find myself in a situation where I might offend someone; I’d rather extricate myself.

So tell me, what would you do if you received such a letter asking you to respect a 5-year-old boy’s wishes on being referred to as a girl henceforth?


One thought on “Gender Dysphoria: 5-Year-Old Boy Returns To School As A Girl

  1. I will take my child out of the school and will home school my child inorder to be able to instill the right thing in my child.


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