This Is Why You Shouldn’t Give Up

There are days I just wanna give up.
Give up on work,
Give up on friends,
Give up on family and even give up on life!
But somewhere in between all these thoughts, I stop and think…

Will giving up on work make me happy?
Will giving up on friends make things easier?
Will giving up on family give me the much needed break?
Or, will giving up on life make it all stop?

You guessed right, the answer is NO.

I may not have someone to constantly encourage me to keep pushing and pressing on, I also may not have people rooting for me (maybe I do) and so I have to be my own cheerleader.

There’s a need for constant reminders…

I remind myself why I wanted to be a world-class journalists in the first place; To make a difference.
I remind myself why I have my friends; They give me strength.
I remind myself why I can’t give up on family; They, in turn, remind me that I’m destined for greatness.
I remind myself that I’ve got a purpose in life and giving up will be a great disservice to the world and to my creator.
For all these I keep going on, taking each day as it comes.

You may feel like giving up sometimes. Always remember the good things you have in your life and live for them. Remember that people love you, even though they may not show it always, the love is there, but most importantly, learn to love yourself. I’m not quite there yet, but everyday I try.

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