Do African Men Love Their Children Less?

Being on WordPress has been a great thing for me. It’s helped me see the world in a bigger light as I look through people’s own eyes, it’s helped me ‘meet‘ really inspiring people and it’s given me ideas on how to write better and live better.
One other thing I’ve noticed here is men seem to speak (write) freely about their feelings.

Where I’m from men don’t cry. Men don’t talk about their feelings and they damn sure don’t write about it so what do they do with it? Might explain the high rate of violence in the male populace. Just saying.

Anyway, the group of men I’ve noticed, and greatly admire, are the stay at home dads. Yes!
But I’m sad and here’s why.
It’s rare in Nigeria to see fathers who make the choice of being stay-at-home dads. Is it cultural, religious or just their ego getting in the way?

father and son at homeI came across this site Dad Stayed Home and I was so touched. He has two daughters and loves all the time he spends with them. Do you envisage for a second that these girls will grow up to be anything but great individuals? They are destined for greatness.

Growing up in a stable home is important and making the right decisions, for your children, is better than going on an ego trip and refusing practical choices because they don’t sit well with what people think is right.

The current storyline of Wale Adenuga Production‘s Superstory, gender inequality. Bala is a teacher and he’s married to Asabe, a graduate, who worked in a multinational company. That is, until her husband, drunk on his ego, asked her to resign rather than accept a position to work in their office overseas. What Bala succeeded in doing was jeopardizing his children’s chance at a better life than what he had, cutting his wife’s career and making her miserable because she wanted to please her husband and causing a probable irreparable rift in his marriage.

If culture and religion will cause marriages to split then I don’t want it, but I think Nigerian men should stop doing what they were told to do and start doing what they need to do.


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