Love Is More Than Just A Word, It’s An Action

The art of seduction, of wooing, is such that your actions should convince your subject to fall hopelessly for you and trust your every word.Love-is-sustained-by-action.But when a man does one seemingly kind gesture and expects that in that singular act all his intentions have been made known then all I can say is, “Houston, we have a problem“.

An ex suitor, on one typical sunny Sunday in 2015, invited me to his house. I’d never been there before and thought it an okay thing to do seeing as I was trying to give him a chance in my head. Upon getting there his sister was home. He did the introductions and she seemed nice enough, at least from the little I saw.

Sometime later, we got into a discussion about what he could do to make me know how much he loved me and how much he’d already done to prove that.

Now, to the important part, this ex suitor was assuming that because he introduced me to his sister I should have taken it as a sign of his good intentions and how serious he was.πŸ˜‚ πŸ™Œ
That doesn’t prove jack!

In this day and age that gesture hardly means anything. Men will introduce ladies to their parents, do official introductions! But in the end nothing comes of it.

The women folk also make things difficult for themselves. Imagine being in a relationship for 11 years without an engagement!!! I’d like to know what that man was using.

Dear man,

If you like someone, you’ve gotta be ready to go all the way. Little gestures aren’t enough anymore and time is of the essence.

Dear woman,

Open your eyes and your heart. As a man recently told me, when a man is devoted to you, you will definitely know.


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