How I Made Up With My Former Sweetheart

Back in 2011, I was passing a certain street and I set my eyes on… it was love at first sight. There was no way I would believe we weren’t meant to be to be together.

Shawarma and grills Jos

There it stood, beckoning to me in a tone only I could hear. When it was time, we finally met.

Shawarma and Grills had a very strong effect on me. It’s a bond that’s better observed than explained. We met, we fell in love and like most relationships these days, we broke up. I was so torn I had to vent about it here.

Anyway, all sadness aside, I am proud to announce that we are back together. Like I said, it’s a feeling that’s best observed so I can not really explain it for you, but if you ever meet my friend Wulengme I’m sure he could try to shed light on what I’m saying.

Whenever you find yourself in Jos, Plateau state, make sure you visit S & G at British America junction (don’t ask me why that name exists) and get yourself a fix of ANYTHING they serve.

*This post was written in October 2015


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