How Do I Deal With Being Sad And Helpless?

As I walked home from church this evening, I felt like I was going to break into tears. The person by my side was part of the reason for the tears I tried uncontrollably to keep at bay. He didn’t know the struggle within me, the part that wanted him to walk with me and the part that wanted him to go away.
Helplessness is a feeling I don’t do well with. The dictionary defines helplessness as being unable to act without help and this is a feeling I most definitely hate. Be it when I’m sick, be in a lack of skill required for the task ahead, or being ill-prepared to handle the situation at hand, the moment I feel helpless, I start to week within me and everything else goes south at that point.
I won’t deny that I may also be hormonal that’s why I’m taking it harder than I would have had I not been, but the bottom line is I am feeling several emotions at the same time which is gradually reducing me to a whimpering fool.
I need your prayers, words of encouragement or just tough love to snap out of this… Lurch I’ve found myself in.


3 thoughts on “How Do I Deal With Being Sad And Helpless?

  1. I so much wish I could turn back the hands of time, or have a little look and control into the future I would have tried the best I could to avoid hurting the best company I’ve ever had on earth. please forgive me, am so sorry


  2. I am familiar with this place that you are in, and no it’s not a good place. I read this the day you posted it and haven’t stopped thinking about you since. I hope that by now some if not all of those feelings have subsided and you have been lifted spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. I pray that your peace be restored and that God keeps his faithful hand over you, to guide you back to your joyful place.

    Be Blessed

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    1. Thanks so much for thinking of me. I have been doing much better since then, almost forgetting how I felt that day. This means a lot to me and everyday brings something new that makes me more hopeful each day. Gracias 😀


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