My First Time As A Wedding MC. Yikes!

The Easter weekend has come and gone but I still have jitters just thinking about it and this is why;
I was an MC for my cousin’s wedding in Jos. Yikes!
Just the thought alone was scary.
My cousin, Nanfe, got married to a Yoruba man, Damilola and that’s not surprising seeing as we share quite a few similarities, the Yorubas and Taroks. The wedding went on quite well, but one aspect didn’t go so well, the coordination on the part of the MCs.
I got to Jos on Good Friday, around 5pm or so. Immediately I got in I spoke with mama on the phone and she said,
“You know you are the MC right?”
How could I know that? I mean, I remember Nanfe had mentioned it over a week ago, but no one told me it was finally going to happen. At that moment I realised I wasn’t prepared; So many things weren’t right.

1.Ā I wasn’t dressed for the part.
I did a quick sweep, in my head, of the female MCs I’d seen recently and they were always wearing regal looking, flowing dresses in the colour of the wedding or in a completely unique colour. I was wearing a short skater dress made with one of the wedding Ankaras.

Fickle Feelings Makcit Rindap

2. My hair was a mess.
Not an actual mess though. I had permed my hair the previous dey so it still had some curls in it, but I would have wanted to straighten it with a flat iron or even use my sister’s wig. Anyway, my hair wasn’t the worst part of my look.

3. I didn’t have any jokes or witty lines.
Personally, I think it’s cool if an MC pops in a joke once a while, but I don’t mind just sticking to the script and ensuring things move smoothly – that’s my style. I tend to say things that make people laugh, but I’m not a funny person or good at telling jokes so with the pressure of being told I had to be an MC, there was no time to prepare any joke I’d remember or even a riddle to keep the crowd with me.

4. My shoes weren’t right.
When I was getting set for this wedding from Abuja, I picked a pair of shoes that would complement my dress well enough enough and leave me comfortable to do some walking and dancing. I went for a 3 inch, open-toe, suede black pump. It was fine for my initial duty of ‘wedding guest’, but not appropriate for an MC. At least, that’s what I think. I had options that would have boosted my confidence and elevated me, literally, and the not-so-great dress.

Wanna know how the day went?
I’d say it went okay. There were no accidents except when the sound system went off and there was no music. Both of us, MCs, were there just moping. I was blank and she kept telling the crowd that it was a power issue. I knew we should have done something to engage the crowd, but I kept coming up empty. šŸ˜³
I got some positive feedback from my family and my big aunt, (Mama in Jos). They thought I did well and would have done better if my co-host was a bit more upbeat.
All in all, I’d say it was a good experience especially because someone compared our ‘MC-ing’ with that of a bigger wedding taking place somewhere else on that same Saturday and he said ours was more lively. šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚
If this person’s remark is anything to go by, I’d say it was all good.

Any ideas on how to be a better MC? A great joke won’t be bad either.
Looking forward to your thoughts.


8 thoughts on “My First Time As A Wedding MC. Yikes!

  1. wow! that was a great one, I must say you really tried because other MCs normally do a lot of rehearsals before the D-day. More grease to your shoulders. Well done friend…


  2. …..hahaha Makcit! way to go. you’re a Thespian and that to a large extent makes you a natural with audiences and stage. Well just so you know, You’re one of those I am considering for my wedding. ( the thought is before this post.) .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Johnson, you’ve always believed in me more than I believe in myself and for that I’m grateful. Well, just let me know when the time comes and we’ll make it a partay!!! Hehehe šŸ˜„


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