Tips To Help With Bonding Between Parents and Infants

Raising a child, especially for a new couple, can be overwhelming. Your doctor says one thing, your mothers say another and your gut is leading you a certain way. What do you do?baby and daddy

Research is helpful. The chances are what has worked for other parents might work for you. Here are some family tips to help with bonding.

  1. Imitating your baby’s sounds and waiting for them to respond helps to tech them how to converse.
  2. Always face your child to the rear of the car when in their car seat until they are years old. Experts say this is the safest position for that age range. This isn’t commonly practiced here in Nigeria, but I see it in movies. Parents, do right by yourwarm baby wipes baby.
  3. If changing his diaper gets him cranky, try warming up the wipes so that your baby will be more agreeable. Imagine if it was you someone touched with that cold wipe. ‘brrrrr’
  4. Always respond to baby talk. This will encourage and enhance their language development and make it progress faster.
  5. If you rock a baby to sleep he will never learn to fall asleep on his own. Instead, put him in bed when he’s sleepy so he’ll be self-sufficient.
  6. Studies have shown that bouncing your baby in sync with the tempo of music playing can make them more compassionate later in life.
  7. Both parents (mum and dad) should make eye contact with the infant while sleeping to allow him get accustomed to both of them.

Helpful right? Thank me later, but make sure you add some tips so others can learn too.



4 thoughts on “Tips To Help With Bonding Between Parents and Infants

  1. OK, so most of your points I agree with, however the laying your child down instead of rocking them I don’t.

    With my son, rocking him would be the only way he would go, just a little jiggle for a while would get him straight off to sleep and he’d go through the night.

    I know we got lucky with him, he was like clockwork when it came to feeds and sleeping, plus he would go through the night when put down like that.

    It is very important that both parents are involved with parenting, I know it can be hard when one is working all day and timing, but it helps a lot with them not favouring a parent.

    We managed to raise our son in a way that he came to either of us when he needed something whereas others would only go to the mother if they needed something.

    Just my opinion!


    1. I agree with your opinion. I haven’t had any kids of my own yet, but in Africa you can’t except raising someone’s child so I know some things might work for you and it won’t work for others. Some kids can fall asleep on their own while others just have to be rocked.
      Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate 😁


      1. No problem, I’m a stay at home dad myself and even though there isn’t many people that do that, I still find giving out suggestions and advice as productive


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