Love, Heartbreaks and Failed Relationships

Some things just never get old and love is one of them. The love that existed decades ago is the same love existing now so If you think the way you feel about someone is new then guess again.

Another thing that never gets old, even though it should, is heartbreak.
The definition of heartbreak which I like is simply ‘Overwhelming Distress’. Wow! Quite apt I’d say.Β blue heart break
The heartache due to a heartbreak can be from a romantic relationship or even a platonic one. It could be from some family issues or even abstract causes, but nonetheless, the feelings associated with a heartbreak are so intense you may feel it won’t ever end.

My heart is broken. I’ve been here before, but the feeling is new each time and for every time it comes I tell myself, ‘This will be the last time I feel this way‘ but does myself listen to me? Noooo.
My heart is broken. I don’t understand how one minute you care about someone and the next you probably don’t. Is that even possible? I don’t thinkΒ so, but I always feel so.

I’ve always thought it grossly unfair to share unverified feelings for someone with the person only to realise something could make you want to leave. What happens when the someone returns the feelings? A vacuum, a gaping hole in someone’s heart, is created.

Love should be unconditional, but sadly we don’t get it. The reason why relationships, marriages and friendships fail is because we don’t want to work on our shortcomings.

The best relationship isn’t one without problems, but one where the problems are tackled

I’m prone to rash decisions and I feel like making one. Leaving my mother’s house, throwing caution to the wind and doing the things I told myself I shouldn’t do, but will it fill the gaping hole? Will it?


One thought on “Love, Heartbreaks and Failed Relationships

  1. It won’t, it might. You’ll never know until you try it. But do you want to try it and then find out that you were disastrously wrong? That a better decision would have been to just sit put, wait for most of the storm to pass and find some sort of level ground from which to operate on?
    Well, I don’t know too. Everyone is going through one kind of heart break or the other, and everyone deals with it individually.
    But i know you’ll be good. You just have to believe it too.

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