If You Aren’t Sure Of It, Don’t Post It On Social Media

The above is a blanket statement which can refer to a lot of things; like posting unverified news just to come and realise it’s a hoax or posting about more dicey matters like relationships.

Gone are the days when you just hear, not see, that two people dated and are getting married.
Gone are the days when a couple was truly a couple and didn’t have people outside all up in their business, except invited.
Behold, the days of over a thousand strangers knowing everything you do and everyone you date. This tends to pose a problem when you really find ‘the one’.
I was sweeping the living room this chilly Saturday morning when I thought of doing something. Thought of doing in the sense of, ‘what if I did this?’.

I’m ‘with’ someone at the moment, I think. I’m still quite unsure how to feel about it because it’s all so new and I feel like a child wearing shoes for the first time, how do I walk? Nonetheless, I wondered how it would feel to take a photo together and out it on Facebook or do something as little as share a post of his on Facebook… My thoughts took me to someone I know.
I met this guy back in college, University of Jos in Plateau state, and back then he said he liked me. I didn’t have any feeling for him whatsoever so after a while he let me be.
Fast-forward to 6 years later, I found out he was engaged to a lady I know. Yippee for them. It was so serious that they announced their engagement on Facebook.
I’m not sure of the status of their relationship, but I’m well aware that he’s been making advances at someone very close to me and so I put on my imaginary glasses and got to digging.
A look at his fiancΓ©e’s Facebook account showed no signs of exhibit ‘A’ – picture announcing their engagement. Strange.
Even more strange is the fact that I see weird status updates… All doesn’t seem well in paradise.
Question is, how does one deal with such?
I saw a cute photo of a lady and her boyfriend on Instagram one day and some months later, it’s no longer there and other photos relating to the guy as well.
This begets the sentence,

‘If you aren’t sure, don’t post it on social media’.

Now, this might just be my typical pessimism talking where I need to be undoubtedly sure of someone before I take such a step (even then pictures aren’t involved), but what’s the motivation?
Not to lie, I envy people who are so much in love and probably quite certain about this love that they just make such public declarations – sometimes I wish I could just embrace that uncertainty and run with it, but is it worth the probable regret, embarrassment and other feelings that may come with such a termination of a once beautiful time?
This is what I think, love is a special thing. Build it up in private and when it has peaked you can shout it from the rooftops.
Like someone said,


3 thoughts on “If You Aren’t Sure Of It, Don’t Post It On Social Media

  1. Hello. I’m a blogger and a friend directed me here.. Said I’d find your space interesting. This is my first read and I love your manner of expression already.
    So I’ll stop here so that I don’t run out of comments when I get to other posts.
    And I totally agree with you…I know we feel the need to show the world all the beautiful things we have to offer but I think caution is the key word.
    Great piece


    1. Thanks a lot. I’m honoured. I really appreciate you stopping by, but now I’m very curious. Who is that friend?
      Looking forward to your honest opinion(s). πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸ˜€


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