Project Inspire: Passing It Forward & The Joys Of Being A ‘Flogite’

Anywhere I speak or write about myself, one fact has to be included; I graduated from Federal Government Girls College Langtang or FGGC Langtang (for short) aka Fego Land.


This simple piece of my history makes up a lot of who I am today. The person I’ve become is directly or indirectly hinged on this 6-year period of my life spent within my local government (lucky me) and the 2 corners of FGGC Langtang (two corners because we never got to see where the school ended). Hehehe πŸ˜„
Today, we are getting stronger. How? You may ask. I’ll tell you.
1. We have a website, that’s no small feat. It is
2. We have become a registered association. Yippee!
3.We have a network. A mailing list, Facebook page(s) and zonal meetings so information is passed quite efficiently and in good time. Only those living under rocks don’t hear breaking news.
These and much more make us stand out and shine like the ‘bright stars of Langtang North’ which we are. 😁
The purpose of this post is to publicize our upcoming event, Project Inspire.


And to also implore those concerned to participate in this epic event.
You may be thinking you can’t make it in person, that’s fine.

There are two ways to participate without necessarily being there.
First, you can donate for the project.

Help make the work easily achievable by donating a minimum of #2,000.00 (Two Thousand Naira Only) to

Please send an sms to 08034865490 once payment is made and provide your details – Name, email and year of graduation.

Second way is, you can also send in a video of yourself with whatever words you have for the young ones.
Co-Inspirator Videos: What you need to know

* The video does not need to be professionally shot but it needs to be done using a good quality camera so that the video is clear and audible.
* Try and make a video that is no longer than 5minutes and with size no larger than 500MB
Once your video is done, uploadΒ here
* Once upload is done, do send an sms to 08034865490 with your details – Name, email and year of graduation.

Voila! Your video will be beamed to the over 1,000 fresh-faced and puberty stricken young girls eager for some words of wisdom.

I’m really passionate about this so this is just one way of ensuring we get it right and as many people get to make history this year 2016.
Happy New Year


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