My Chicken Garam Masala

It’s cooking time. I love food and every now and then I like to try out new recipes.
One day, I visited a friend’s house and she made us chicken gravy with rice. It was delicious, but I’ve always thought putting cornflour/flour in the gravy was counter productive. Rice is enough carbs for me so I looked up Indian chicken curry and I got it in my head that I had to make it. That’s what I did.

My first attempt at Chicken Garam Masala

TheΒ idea of a masala is an assortment of spices. That’s the secret to a great chicken masala; having the right balance of spices.

I went to Shoprite to get mine, chicken garam masala is a very spicy food, and I got out of them. I didn’t get cinnamon sticks, but I found a mixed spice which had cinnamon in it. I didn’t get fresh coriander leaves either, but I got most of everything.
I present to you, my Chicken Garam Masala to be eaten with white rice. For a first attempt I’d say I did darn good, but too bad you aren’t here to taste it.

If you are interested in this, not to worry. The recipe post will come up soon.

Toodles! Gotta go eat my food.


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