The Killing Of A Lion; Ignorance or Nonchalance?

Life is fleeting; one moment it’s there and the other moment it’s snuffed out by accident, by design or by divine forces.
I got the news from my boss that a lion had escaped from a Zoo in Jos. She wanted me to verify if this was true.
I went to my WhatsApp group, Langtang girls set ’05, and asked. Immediately I got a response affirming that it was legit news.
My first thought was, “I hope they don’t kill it though”
Almost immediately, I received confirmation that it had been found, dead. This saddened me like nothing has in the last two weeks. (Sad spell)
The feeling intensified when I saw the photo of the helpless looking animal… Why did they kill it?
It was said that the Lion attacked one of the guards in its bid to get out of the zoo. Fine, but did it kill anyone?
Why would a Zoo which has had wild animals for decades not have tranquillisers or the right equipment to handle them?
Why didn’t the Zoo have plans for such an eventuality? If they weren’t ready they had no business keeping the lion. It should have been sent to a better place where it would be loved and cared for.
Sadly, the people who killed it posted photos of their ‘Victory’ for the world to see.
I know it’s just an animal and some might say it’s ‘meat’ (Cringe), but I still feel so, so sad that it’s passed away. I would have said RIP big man, but I’m not sure that’s appropriate. Is it?
Look at its face, it looks good considering the poor way it probably had to live. The Lion of the jungle has been stripped of its pride and glory.


6 thoughts on “The Killing Of A Lion; Ignorance or Nonchalance?

  1. Kill or be killed. That’s what the lion would tell you if it could talk… Right before it takes a huge bite out of you. It’s the paramount law of survival.
    I’m not supporting the way it was killed. Too gruesome, and definitely not befitting an animal so regal. But at the same time, I’m RELIEVED it was killed before it killed 3 or more people. What then would have been the title of your post? Can you imagine the fear the people living in the area must have experienced? Thinking about their children not at home? About husbands and wives at work? Relatives out of the house???

    Majestical, Beautiful animal. Brutal, cold blooded killer.

    Kill, or be killed.

    The killers shouldn’t have shown off the killing that way. Wrong on so many levels. And yeah, the zoo should be blamed, but partly… Not wholly. If its the same zoo I visited in primary 4, then I’m surprised the animals aren’t roaming aimlessly around. Who funds the zoo, who maintains it?


    Anyway, bittersweet news.


    1. Yeah, in retrospect I can only imagine the fear in people’s minds. It’s still sad and I’m still sad, they went about it all wrong. After this post I sorta let the anger go, now it’s just a numbness I feel about while trying not to think about it.
      It’s now news, sad news to me.


    2. The point is not how many people it could have killed. The point is how run down is this facility that the lion was able to escape to begin with, that there wasn’t proper protocol when feeding these lions, that the park isn’t fenced properly, that they didn’t have a tranquilizer gun, that the ministry of tourism did nothing about this… A lion is going to be be what it is.. a lion with all of it’s primal instincts… but the park should be responsible for keeping an animal like this!! That park makes its money from animals like this!! It is not about just the death of the lion, it is about nobody being held accountable for mismanagement of one of the few places that Plateau State has that could be used for tourism. So look at the bigger picture and be disappointed that things have come to this not only in the Wild Life Park, but in so many other run down facilities in this State.

      Plateau State–the home of keke na peps, potholes, and road side shops selling the same thing.

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      1. Sadly, that’s what Plateau state has gradually, but steadily become.
        You’ve said it all very well. I’m saddened by what has become of Plateau state and how people perceive her even when I know she is greatness waiting to soar.
        What can we now do to make things better?
        Is it all up to the federal government?
        Thanks for the comment. I appreciate


  2. PURE IGNORANCE!!!! that’s why plateau as a state is as backward as the word is!!! You have rightly analysed it! Why won’t a zoo/ wildlife park have all the necessary emergency items in its facility?! We are supposed to preserve not kill.. Very soon they will kill all the animals and there will be nothing more to make up the wild life!!
    Some ignorant/ mediocre people on here like the people who killed the animal will soon come with pointless replies to this post!!!


    1. Hehehe I can see you are very hurt by this, it’s allowed to vent. The ‘Ignorance’ vote seems to be winning.
      I just pray we as a generation do better than what our fathers did and refuse to be ignorant. Is there even any Lion left there?
      Thanks for stopping by.


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