It’s official: (most) MEN ARE STUPID!!!!

I’m standing in front of my house, thinking of what to do with myself since mum isn’t around and I didn’t go out with my key, when a Highlander comes to a stop in front of my house, to the right of where I’m standing.
In my mind I’m already thinking, “Eiya, mama isn’t around”, because I know a few people with this specific colour and model of highlander.
First surprise, a tall man comes out. I was expecting a woman to alight ’cause it’s women that would come to my house in such a car to look for mama.
Second surprise, he walks to the back of his car (which is closer to where I’m standing) and Surprise number three, he faces the gutter (at this point I’m certain I do NOT know this fool) and he unzips his dark brown charcoal pants and begins to spew his waste in our gutter. Imagine that! (in the words of Stylplus).
imageI’ve always had a problem with men flashing their things anywhere they feel like to take a piss, but it also made me understand how people feel when breastfeeding mothers pull out their mammary holds and shove it into an infants mouth- that doesn’t make what men do Okay.
Now back to the story…
I was so shocked my mouth was literally open and I went, “Sir, why will you come and urinate in front of someone’s house?”
You won’t believe what he did, he actually IGNORED ME!
I wasn’t deterred, I said “How will you feel if someone went to urinate in front of your own house?”
He still ignored me and you won’t believe it, he was actually come to see our tenant.
The only explanation is, he was too ashamed to even offer an answer.
Sorry to the men in my life, I mean the good men that i know, but MEN ARE STUPID!!!

Toodles πŸ’•


5 thoughts on “It’s official: (most) MEN ARE STUPID!!!!

  1. Ouch! You generalized it by saying “Men are stupid”, so you just called all the men in your life, including the good ones, stupid. So, ouch!

    I don’t condone peeing anywhere indiscriminately, i try my best to avoid peeing publicly if i can help it, and when i can’t help it, when i’m so full of pee that i feel i’d burst if i don’t something about it, i find a secluded spot and drop my liquid waste like a cat.

    i find it funny when i see other guys splashing the wee like lawn sprinklers in public without shame.

    So. please… not all men are stupid. that man was. but not all men are.


    1. Hehehe that was just to draw you in (the title). I apologised in the body of the post so…
      ‘Lawn sprinklers’? I need to take pincers to your brain and pick it someday. More power to your kind who don’t go about ‘splashing the wee’ indiscriminately.
      I agree, not allwn are Stupid, but you’ve gotta agree, a lot are. Hehehe


  2. “the problem with stereotypes isn’t that they are untrue, it is that they are incomplete”!!! Coming out and boldly proclaiming to the world that “MEN ARE STUPID” not some Men or Most Men, but men, is an affront and a direct one at such to any and indeed all good men(even if its just one) you know or you’ve met! Adding “sorry to the good men I know” doesn’t solve this, in fact, it only makes it worse, you are telling them that “well, you guys try oh, but I still think you are stupid”!!
    Let us have a world where every fool and stupid person will be addressed and treated as such and let’s strive to as much as we can, stir clear of branding people based on stereotypes!
    Love Officially Stupid Wuleng!!!


    1. My sweet Wuleng, it just might have been the emotion of the moment, but I do I appreciate your concerns and I understand it. Next time, I’ll try to make that distinction.
      Tell me though, that all is still well in the world. πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜˜


  3. That thing has always pissed the hell outta me!!! Such irresponsibility. No shame sef. They’re called privates cos they should be kept private for God’s sake!


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