MOH: How I Became The One

The task of finding an MOH, Maid of Honour, is quite cumbersome. Almost as cumbersome as finding a wife!
You wouldn’t want an MOH who may likely not be your friend in the next two years after the wedding so it’s either you pick your sister/relative or a friend of whom you are absolutely sure will stick with you through thick and thin.
It is my pleasure to announce that my beautiful friend is getting hooked and she’s picked me to be her maid of honour. Yay!

Makcit and Olodu at Joyce's weddingIt wasn’t as sweet as you might imagine and I didn’t see it coming, but it was fab!
We were driving around Shoprite, Apo, and she said something like, “I know you might not be free with my mum to help her with stuff so maybe you should be the maid of honour”- or something along those lines.
In absolute ‘uncodedness‘ I went on saying, “Nah, I’d like to be behind the scenes planning and stuff”
I then sent her a message on BBM and somehow it got round to, “Who says ‘no’ when asked to be the MOH”?
Imagine my shock, surprise, excitement and panic. I was surprised that she’d actually thought of me, excited that I was finally gonna add MOH to my skill-set and panicking because I was wondering if she’d gone with plan B- by the way, always have a plan B.
She said, “Well, I’d made up my mind so…”.
I apologised profusely and gladly accepted the privilege of being her Maid of Honour, to stand by her side when she makes that important decision and says, ‘I Do’.


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