Would you pick someone standing in the rain?

Karu is such a lovely place. More lovely when it rains. There is no noise, but folks like Akara vendors still go about their business as usual seeing as it’s a Saturday.
Mum is headed to church and so I hop into the car because I need my weekly fix of Maman Shem’s Massa, it’s my addiction. We are on our way, navigating the left turn from NIA’s gate and then we sight a lady in front.

Mum goes, ‘Ucha to inem ize ka shi iver ka’?
‘what’s this woman doing in the rain’?

I asked if she wanted to help the woman, I was hoping mama had gotten over her little fear…

‘Pick her? What is she doing in the rain? Please oh Makcit, my life’

I looked through the side mirror and I noticed that the next car, a Toyota Sienna, also passed the lady without slowing down.
I may be living in my own idealistic world here, but what would you do?
Would you give the woman a ride? Or has the world gotten so bad that empathy is lost?


4 thoughts on “Would you pick someone standing in the rain?

  1. its difficult to answer, niceness is becoming so scarce these days some people mistaken it for flirtation, would I have picked her? it depends, its all about how I feel when i see people standing by the road these days, if it feels right, I would!


    1. Good to know there’s a possibility. If I’m not alone in the car I would stop and give someone a ride. Especially in familiar surroundings. It’s sad though that seems people out there take advantage. Ever heard any gruesome stories about hitchhikers?


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