Don’t Ask Me When I’m Getting Married

“How is ‘Oga’?”
That’s the sure question that follows greetings between people who probably used to date or from that guy who wanted to date you, but suddenly got married to someone else.
Let’s be clear on something, that you got married is good for you – good riddance, but don’t think for a second that you are better off because you got married to the first girl that said yes to you.
It’s common in these parts that a lady is expected to go to the university/polytechnic, serve her country, then get married- in that order. Sadly, life has it’s own order and never follows ours. In view of this, some marry first and do the others later or do the first two, get their masters degree then get married.

Philipians 4:6 I am single now and I am fine (most of the time), but I am surely not worried. So don’t ask me when I’m getting married. I can’t tell the future.

Toodles! :*


8 thoughts on “Don’t Ask Me When I’m Getting Married

  1. Nah! Though married non of my 2 Ex have asked me that, plus i literally planned one of the weddings. By the way someday soon i’ll say i do {project faith} so i dont need anybody to ask me.


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