Thankful For A New Day

Makcit rindap Shaniqua Julie

14th July 2010
It was a great month, as always. I was looking forward to this day, but then the day came and I realised… ‘I’m getting old!’
How could this be? I’m still in the university and life just wasn’t going okay.

A day in July 2015
The countdown is on. Not as vigorous as previous years, but the excitement has built up.

I’m counting down in days and one thought sounds clear… “My Life is Just beginning.” A couple of years ago I thought I was getting old and now here I am thinking my world is just about to start.

14th July 2015

Alas, the day is upon us and my Joy knows no bounds. I am in the studio at the 12th floor of Radio House, Garki… I have my dream Job- Whereas by this time last year i’d received my appointment letter, but the job was still a dream. My relationship with God is better than it’s ever been and I can genuinely say I am a very happy person.

I have many more words to write, but i am sleepy from working so late. I’ll see y’all later. :*


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