Chronicles of my work’s firsts

first day at workA couple of months ago, I used this medium to broadcast my good news: I’d gotten a Job. Yay!
We eventually resumed on the first day of November and I thought to myself, ‘What kind of amateur writer would I be without chronicling the events of my first official work experience?’ It just wouldn’t be fair so lean back and hear the story. There are some modifications though… Why talk about my first day when I can give a better picture with an insight on my first week?

All through the 16 months that I’ve been home since after my National Youth Service, the thought of working suddenly became daunting. It was so bad that I sabotaged my own chances at a great job twice! This one felt natural though, but I couldn’t runway from the butterflies in my stomach.

I took off for the bus stop and I got transportation quite easily. Getting to work, I took the elevator to the 12th floor and made a beeline for the programmes department. After a brief knock, I opened the door and saw 3 people inside. I mentioned that I was a new employee and I needed to see the person in charge, but I was told she wasn’t present. I thanked them and left to sit at the reception. First problem- one would expect that they’d invite me to sit and wait seeing as I’d already introduced myself, but they didn’t. They were actually nicer than I expected, but I never got the invitation. I kept going back and forth, but each time I was met with the same response, a shake of the head. The day ended without progress, but not to be deterred, my spirits were as high as a helium balloon.

Day two started on a similar note as day 1, but it felt better because I was dressed much nicer. On day one, I wore a black skirt, black camisole and a purple Ankara jacket, but on Tuesday I tried to be more of myself so I wore a black tapered jegging with… I forget the top [covering face] Anyway, I was more at ease and confident- that much I remember and when I got to work, I got more action than day 1.

I got to work and after hooking up with my new acquaintance, Mrs Faith D, we went to the department and we met someone with some authority. We met Auntie Bukky, who is a lovely person by the way, and she warmly invited us to sit inside. Her exact words were, ‘This is now your office so you don’t have any business being at the reception’. It felt good to hear that 😀

She charged us with writing a short essay on why we wanted to work in radio, what we’d observed from listening to other radio stations, what our contribution would be as producers and what programmes we could/would love to produce. Of course this got me uber excited and I went to work immediately. After 30 minutes or so, we went to submit and she told us she couldn’t give us specific assignments due to the fact that the heads of the department were on leave and might change our assignments if she went ahead to assign us. Sadness began to seep through my body, but she quickly added that we should go home and return on Thursday and use Wednesday to listen to the station and take notes. Now who wouldn’t love a job like that? Lol I certainly do. 😀

Seeing as I got a break from work, I’m tempted to give a break here too…. You’ll just have to wait for part two.



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