Checking The Calendar

There are days when, for no obvious reason, my head loses some screws. I suddenly get very angry inside and feel like breaking something.
Now, the thing with such an emotion is that, there is always a trigger. There is usually a person or thing that will have someone careening off their marbles like that, but because they are very petty issues, the mind has a way of not exploring said triggers.
Today, work was going fine. I woke up relatively late, left my house late and finally got to work VERY late. This is definitely a fault of mine, but the growing transportation hiccups further added to my very faulty morning. Nevertheless, I got to work and finished the first half of my task- taking photos. (I won’t be explaining why I do this just yet)
At 12:20pm I was done with the first half and ready for the second half. I got to the office and there was no laptop to use so I waited. Between 1:00pm and 3:00pm… I can’t categorically explain where time went. I just couldn’t find it, but I do know that in-between I was waiting for the laptop, waiting for network to stabilise and transferring photos from My Xperia Z1 to the laptop. This is a feat on its own for transferring photos on the Z1 isn’t the easiest of jobs especially with all the folders in it) Moving on… I eventually finished my day’s task at approximately 5:00pm after undergoing a tough time with my phone’s power… #Smh.
It’s 5:38pm and I’m experiencing those weird feelings. I wanna punch someone’s face in. I want to scream at the top of my lungs, I want to just cry and be comforted by…. All these feelings and I decided to check My Calender (Application)
Darn it! I still have 12 days to go. That leaves only one explanation… I’ve got it bad.
I want to cry and be comforted by him even thought he’s the trigger of my madness.

The end 😘😜



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