How She Came Back To Life

I was devastated when she died.


And then I met her again. Yes, I did! Her smiles were still the same, there was something about her that pulled me to her. I was suddenly happy and then sad and nostalgic and then happy again. It felt good.

The name Retyit means, ‘Happiness’ and that’s exactly what you get when you meet Retyit. She was vivacious and full of life. Nothing could dampen her spirits, at least we thought so. Not until the very cold and cruel hand of death ripped her out of our lives…Β  But then I saw her again! Yes, I did. One day in church. It wasn’t about the features. It was more about how I felt when I saw her. I recognised her as the girl I’d known, and loved and lost.
She looked up into my eyes and I could tell it was the same spirit. Alas! Our friend wasn’t lost. She still lives on in the hearts of every happy person.
There are times I feel guilty that we started getting too busy towards the end to spend ample time together, but it didn’t subtract from what we had, not even for a second.

We all have our struggles in life, it’s okay to, but never let it kill your spirit otherwise you would have lost the battle even before the war.
Today I celebrate my friend, our friend. Even if life gets too hard for you to crack a smile, think of Retyit that died and the one that’s still alive and smile in their honour.


Have a lovely weekend!
In loving memory of our friend, Retyit Longse. We love and miss you dearly



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