Love and Marriage

She was a young girl growing up in the country. She didn’t know so much about life out in the city, but she knew she wasn’t cut our for the country life. She wasn’t sure how life was gonna be, but she willed it to be better than what she saw.
Papi came along one Christmas season and their eyes met across the dance square. She’d never really been into boys, not because she liked girls (no way), but because she didn’t have time for them. They weren’t so much of a novelty, after growing up with several brothers and countless male cousins around, but he seemed different. He was intelligent and had prospects (at least that’s what my cousin would always say)…..

We got married and we didn’t have anything besides the bedsheet on our bed and the clothes in our bags. The house came furnished and luckily there was a mattress too. I have 3 cooking pots including a frying pan and a couple of plates. We were so broke we couldn’t even afford a transistor radio…

To be continued



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