Don’t get excited just yet. It’s not a wedding anniversary or some sort of relationship thingy. It’s bigger than that. It’s my 1 year anniversary with WordPress! Now you can get excited πŸ™‚
wpid-img_20150320_163317.jpgI thought this day would never come, but even with my anticipation of it I have to say I forgot *covering eyes*. It’s more like I didn’t see the notification not like I actually forgot, but I’m still very excited. If I wasn’t at work when I saw the notification I would have shed a tear or two 😰 (My tears aren’t very far away)

I’ll use this time to appreciate WordPress, words can’t express my love for you. I Want to also acknowledge my ardent followers; Wulleng, Zingfa, Cornix and loads of others, I love y’all to the moon and back and I’m sorry I haven’t written since January. I promise to pick up the slack :*
It’s not been easy, especially since I started work, but I won’t use that as an excuse. I have so much I wanna say and I’ll be saying them real soon.
Happy Anniversary to me and keep following.
Xoxo 😘


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