Emotional entanglements

It is one thing to be single and searching and another to be involved and searching. Wait! I am getting to the point. The reason I began with that statement is to shed light on the emotional cheating- we all engage in every now and then. Oh please we all do it! so let’s cast our sanctimonious judgements and explore the idea.
So called friends of the opposite sex tend to become closer to us than our partners and personally know details about us our significant others don’t dare to assume.
When I say “significant other” I mean someone we are steady with; Some one we’ve imagined being with for the rest of our lives. Some one our families have approved or is learning to accept as one of them.

Now that we have established our basis; I’ll push further to create a good example of what I mean. and you be the judge of right or wrong.
Recently, I got news that a fellow class mate of mine was tying the knot, and out of sheer joy I sought to spend some time with her, and get where her head is at and her plans for the big day.
We got to talking and out of no where she blurted, “There are things he doesn’t know”, and I feel it will change everything about us. I got curious and I wondered what she meant. she didn’t discuss in details but I figured she’s entangled.
There are things in your past worth mentioning and there are things not worth repeating-( Aribisala, 2014 ).
Something as serious as sharing your life with another shouldn’t be taken lightly, though anxiety and insecurities about the future will linger; having someone strong beside you motivates your inner strength.
Having secrets on the other hand, poses a present and future threat and that my friend is a whirlwind that will never pass.
for emotional disentanglement clean out your closet!

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4 thoughts on “Emotional entanglements

  1. for me, i’d say that if someone feels like they are in love with someone but yet still cheat (be it a kiss, cuddle, smooch or full out sexual encounter), then that means there’s no real love in that relationship. because real love would stop you from doing anything that would hurt ur lovers feeling or make u lose their trust.. my two cents sha

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  2. For me, cheating goes beyond kissing and physical contact. Just the fact that there may be things on your phone that your significant other dare not see is cheating in itself and this is the form that I find hurtful. As guancini said, true love will stop you from doing anything that will hurt the other. I think the problem is because a lot marriages of nowadays are nothing more that family/business mergers. We need to reevaluate the reasons why we do anything.

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  3. Lovely & timely piece, i’m not suprised that our ‘nowadays weddings’ like Makcit said, does not last, the rate at which this young couples divorce makes it obvious that theres an ’emotional entanglement unraveld somewhere. Recently i discovered a story about a popular gospel artist in jos who only discovered his wife had a child out of wedlock,about a year or more after their wedding.


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