By Heart

This post is in response to The Daily Post’s Prompt

Poetry, to me, has always been this fleeting entity that constantly remains out of my reach. Over the years, my attempts at this specific art form has been like a child ascending the stage for the first time with fear and awe. Through these feelings, the phrase In Those Days takes me to a time I will never forget. Not for its superb experiences, but for the innocence that we all lose and can never regain.

In Primary 5, 5th grade to some of you, Mr Isaiah made us learn a poem from the popular West African Verse by David Diop. I Don’t know why it’s still in my head- word for word, but when I realise that i haven’t forgotten the words, i’m as giddy as a teenage girl experiencing her first crush.
As I reflect now, I realise that the poem speaks of suffering and loss, but most importantly, of hope. I’m always hopeful so I guess this piece suits me just fine. Enjoy the excerpts below.

In those days
When civilization kicked us in the face
When holy water slapped our cringing brows
The vultures- built in the shadow of their talons
The blood stained monument of tutelage
In those days…
Hope was preserved in us as in a fortress…
Spring will be reborn under our bright steps



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