It’s a lovely morning in the suburban settlement of Karu. I’m constantly amazed at how quiet my neighbourhood is in comparison to the din of the city. Karu was created to decongest the growing population of the Abuja metropolis in the late 80s and it’s grown exponentially since then. We moved here in the early nineties and even though it seemed drab to my young eyes then, I’ve grown to appreciate it’s picturesque landscapes and it’s unbelievable quietness.
This quietness was almost shattered a week ago when some no-good Nigerians decided that of all the lands in the nation, an access road was the best place to build an apartment building. Their brains can be compared to a perforated pan- they obviously can’t hold a solid thought.


The familiar saying that ‘common sense isn’t quite common’ is true in this case.
Why would a reasonable human being allow money be his motivation and strip him of his humanity. So much so that he will consciously inflict pain on tax paying Nigerians?
One of the workers said we were just talking because the man had money that we didn’t have. In other words, we don’t matter to Nigeria. I assume that as a citizen of the federal republic of Nigeria, I DO matter and for that, I’m putting pen to paper hoping to validate that the pen is or can be mightier than the sword.


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